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Finally, an actor who doesn’t want to direct

Julia Roberts is happy in front of the camera.
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Corrina Allen, September 17, 2013 2:01:50 PM

Everyone from Ben Affleck (Argo) to James Franco (Child of God) to Ellen Page seems to want to get behind the camera these days. The phrase “…but what I really want to do is direct” has become somewhat of a clich, so when an actor says that they’re happiest in front of the camera, well that’s news. Julia Roberts is bucking the trend of actors who move into directing by firmly declaring that she’ll be sticking with her original calling.

While Roberts has executive produced a few projects over the years, her main gig has always been acting, and she isn’t interested in branching out. “Oh I won’t [direct],” Roberts told the press at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of her latest movie, August: Osage County.

“I think any housewife will tell you that you’re directing pretty much 24/7 so I’ll stick to the in-house directing. It’s too much for me,” the actress told E! News, adding, “I love being an actor, I love being a homemaker and that’s good for me.”

I don’t know if I really buy her whole homemaker act – Roberts has been making between one or two films a year for the last decade and promoting them, and being a brand ambassador for Lancome cosmetics, and producing those weird American Girl movies alongside her sister (the films are based on a popular line of dolls). I’m betting that the actress, worth around $140 million, hires people to do a lot of her housekeeping tasks. She does claim to cook most of her family’s meals though. “I’m quite a good cook. I’m like a closet home ec teacher… I can really cook anything,” she bragged to E!.

Roberts, who recently called making August: Osage County “the best acting experience of my life,” looks up to another actress who’s stayed loyal to her craft – Meryl Streep. “I've never seen anybody work harder than she works," said the star.

If you didn’t catch it at TIFF, you can see Roberts and Streep in their new movie this December.

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Corrina Allen

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