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Watch: Beyonce debuts a new track in yet another ad

No, this time it isn't a Pepsi ad.
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Brian Gasparek, April 25, 2013 4:56:44 PM

We get it Beyonce. You’re trying to build the anticipation for your new album. You played the Super Bowl halftime show and we all thought you would play your new single/announce an album release date. But you didn’t. Then you said you had a big announcement with a teaser video a few weeks back that we all thought would be your new single and video…but no. It was a Pepsi ad. Sure it featured a snippet of a new song, but just a snippet. Where’s the single?

Well, it seems that if you are a big Beyonce fan and are aching to officially hear a new song from her upcoming album, the best you can do is hear one in an ad. Following her debut as the new Pepsi spokeswoman, Beyonce just previewed part of another new song in an ad for H&M.

The song is called Standing in the Sun and we actually get to hear a full 1:30 minutes of it. That’s a better chunk at least! And in all fairness, it kind of just looks like a Beyonce video with her grinding around in a bikini. No complaints from my end.

Check out the H&M Standing in the Sun clip below:

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Brian Gasparek

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