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Metallica to set IMAX record with 3D film

Band's upcoming film to be on every IMAX screen in North America.
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Brian Gasparek, April 26, 2013 11:04:58 AM

If you live in North America and are situated anywhere remotely close to an IMAX theatre, you will have the opportunity to have some 3D heavy metal expand your mind, pump you up and destroy your hearing. It was just announced that original metal heads Metallica will be setting a new IMAX record with their upcoming 3D film Metallica Through the Never which is set for wide screen release this fall.

For one week starting on September 27, Metallica Through the Never will open on every single IMAX theatre in North America, something that has never been done before. That means the metal gods will appear on over 300 IMAX screens around the continent.

According to drummer Lars Ulrich,

“To be at the forefront in this situation where IMAX has never done this is very exciting. It’s also a bit of a confidence booster. Being in the movie-making business is not necessarily our forte and it’s been a very interesting three years. We’ve learned a lot about a lot of different things.” 

The film which is directed by Nimród Antal blends concert footage with a fictional story following around fictional members of Metallica’s crew.

The 3D film is set to open in standard theatres starting on October 4.

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Brian Gasparek

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