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Ke$ha reveals she writes songs with her breasts

Singer reveals she is inspired by her chest.
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Brian Gasparek, May 2, 2013 5:01:33 PM

I’ve gotta give Ke$ha some serious credit. She always manages to outdo herself with saying the most ridiculous and far out head-shaking quips, and they continue to feel fresh every single time. It’s pretty admirable.

The latest Ke$ha comment to catch some attention was her recent confession that she composes songs with her breasts. Yup, there’s a Ke$ha song that’s inspired through the contents of her bra.

In an interview with Conan O’Brien this week, Ke$ha came clean about her chesty writing practices. According to the pop star:

“What I do is, I turn off all the lights, and I walk over to the piano and I gently lower myself, my boobs, and they go on the keys and I just let them tickle the ivories. They really just go crazy.”

Whatever gets the job done Ke$ha. Although I suppose it’s a lot better than her songs that were inspired by drinking her own urine. Yikes.

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Brian Gasparek

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