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Kanye West feels Christ-like, names his album ‘Yeezus’

West meshes his nickname 'Yeezy' with Jesus Christ to create 'Yeezus.'
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Brian Gasparek, May 21, 2013 3:31:31 PM

At this point there is really nothing that Kanye West could do to make us think that he is even more of a megalomaniac jerk-bag, right? What if we found out he was now comparing himself to Jesus Christ? Yep. That should do it.

For his upcoming, much talked about sixth studio album, Kanye West is letting everyone know that he feels he is Christ-like ( and apparently super modest) by calling his new album Yeezus. Yes, for those less savvy with hip hop and plays on words, that is a combination of Kanye’s nickname “Yeezy” and Jesus Christ himself. Classy, right?

So far we know a few things about the album. For one thing, it will definitely be pretentious. But we also know that it will feature a few songs produced by dance robots Daft Punk, as well as a new single called “New Slaves” that he debuted this past weekend on Saturday Night Live.

Yeezus himself also graced us with the new cover art to his album, which is also typical Kanye. It features a clear cover with a gold foil sticker over top of a black marble jewel case, with a piece of red tape over the gold that reads “Yeezus.” Check it out:

Yeezus is now available for pre-order on iTunes if you feel like ordering it.


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Brian Gasparek

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