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Britney Spears and her kids star in ‘Ooh La La’ music video

The Spears family and the Smurfs join forces for the new video.
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Brian Gasparek, July 12, 2013 3:03:39 PM

Britney Spears’ Smurf-loving kids must think she is just the coolest. Not only did Britney record the big single “Ooh La La” for the new Smurfs 2 movie and soundtrack, but she also got a chance to hang out with the little blue rascals too.

Britney just released the video for the catchy, Smurfy “Ooh La La” that stars both herself and her sons Jayden and Sean. The video features Britney and her boys front row at a movie theatre getting a kick out of the Smurfs 2 film.

At one point during the movie, Britney says to her kids, “Check this out! This is the best part right here,” and gets sucked onto the big screen and into the Smurf world. Britney goes on a Smurf adventure with the blue buggers and the sinister Gargamel. She also interacts with the Katy Perry-voiced Smurfette.

“Cool!” her kids proclaim. Indeed.

Britney says her Smurf involvement was all based on the blue love from her kids.

“The main reason why I did it was because my boys. They’re obsessed with the Smurfs. We’ve seen ‘The Smurfs’ movie a million trillion times and they were told they could be in the video and all this cool stuff, so that’s the reason why I did it,” she said. “It’s about feeling good. Like when a guy makes you giddy. It’s more of a feeling. When I eat chocolate I have that ‘ooh la la’ feeling.”

Watch the video for “Ooh La La” below.

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Brian Gasparek

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