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Joni Mitchell blasts Saskatoon for being ‘bigoted’

Canadian legend says her hometown is like the "deep south."
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Brian Gasparek, July 25, 2013 4:05:42 PM

Just because it’s your hometown, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take pride in it. At least that’s how Canadian folk-rock legend Joni Mitchell feels about Saskatoon. In fact, Mitchell doesn’t think highly of her hometown at all.

In a recent interview, Mitchell slammed Saskatoon, the Canadian city that she grew up in from 11 years of age. Mitchell has become increasingly disenchanted with the prairie town who for years have claimed that they want to honour her with a museum and statue, yet have never made the effort to follow-through. The city also has been holding personal belongings like scrap books and dresses from Mitchell’s past that she has been trying to get back without success.

Mitchell says she now has no interest in being honoured by the city.

Saskatoon has always been an extremely bigoted community. It’s like the deep south…I feel that [Saskatoon is] very isolated, very unworldly, and doesn’t grasp the idea of honour. There are so many things I want to do, that I should be doing, without getting sidetracked into these dubious and eventually nonexistent honours.”

Lorne Calvert, a former Saskatchewan premier is part of a group that is still trying to move ahead with the museum to honour Mitchell and her legacy in Saskatoon. Calvert says that Mitchell’s comments don’t hinder their plans for a shrine.

“There’s no use getting agitated about this particular opinion that she has. I think it’s wrong. I’m sure it’s wrong. But that’s it. It doesn’t change the fact that, from this community, from this Prairie soil, arose this great creative mind and spirit who continues to create.”

Calvert says efforts are being made to have Mitchell’s belongings returned to her.

Do you feel that Saskatoon has disrespected Joni Mitchell and her legacy? Or is Mitchell taking a hard line. Let us know what you think below.

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Brian Gasparek

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