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Watch: Justin Bieber tries (and fails) to cover Eminem in Detroit

Pop singer attempts to rap a Shady classic for Eminem's hometown.
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Brian Gasparek, July 31, 2013 3:05:24 PM

Is there nobody in the Justin Bieber camp who can tell the kid that he’s making some bad decisions? It really seems like the Biebs calls all the shots and people are afraid to question his moves. Aside from bad tattoos and degenerative behaviour as of late (see fan spitting and bucket peeing), Bieber is making some bad calls at his live shows. The other night in Detroit, Bieber decided that he would gather up all of his street cred and bust out a cover version of an Eminem track…for Eminem’s hometown.

In front of the people of Detroit, Bieber decided that he would cover Slim Shady’s track about hardship and grinding away in the city, “Lose Yourself.” Bieber got up in front of the crowd, and set to the sounds of an acoustic guitar, attempted to spit out the verse to the song in a rich kid bad karaoke cover type way.

Even worse, Biebs couldn’t even nail all the words to the iconic track right. In Eminem’s verse that reads “palms are sweaty,” Bieber proclaimed “my palms are heavy.” He must have some big hands.

Probably a good thing for JB that his Detroit fans are a bit too young for Slim Shady to care.

Watch Bieber massacre Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” below.

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Brian Gasparek

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