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Justin Timberlake compares Miley Cyrus to Madonna

JT likens Cyrus' raunchy MTV MVAs performance to Britney Spears and Madonna.
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Brian Gasparek, August 28, 2013 2:33:26 PM

These days, Justin Timberlake, complete with his ‘Suit & Tie’ comes off as on of the biggest and classiest dudes in music. He’s on top of the world and has never been more popular. Naturally people listen to what the man has to say. So some may find it a little surprising that JT has come to the defense of pop’s favourite dirty girl Miley Cyrus, and all of the criticism and media scrutiny that she’s been getting following her uber-raunchy ‘twerk ‘n grind fest’ at the MTV VMAs over the weekend.

Following his 20 minute performance at the VMAs where he was presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vangaurd Award, JT took some time to comment on Cyrus’ special performance that included an abundance of bum gyrations and blurring the lines on Robin Thicke’s pants. Timberlake not only thought Miley’s performance was great, he also likened her to some of pop music’s biggest divas of the past.

“Is everybody giving her a hard time about it? I don’t look at Miley that way, because I think the first time I met her she was Hannah Montana. My thoughts on it are, it’s the VMAs. It’s not the Grammys,” he said. “We’re talking about Madonna in a wedding dress humping the stage. We’re talking about Britney doing a striptease. This cycle is not uncommon…I like all the bears. To me, it’s almost if something like that doesn’t happen at the VMAs it’s boring…something happens every year.

JT continued to praise the performance, saying that Miley should be able to get away with it because she is young and her song “We Can’t Stop” is pretty great.

“I like Miley. I like her a lot. She’s young, she’s letting everyone know she’s growing up … let her do her thing.”

Sounds like Miley’s got a powerful friend in JT.


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Brian Gasparek

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