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Watch: Lenny Kravitz surprises New Orleans choir performance

Rocker overheard choir playing his song, decided to join them.
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Brian Gasparek, August 29, 2013 3:29:20 PM

Imagine you’re a young kid playing in a local choir. You and the band decide to bust out some modern tunes and perform songs by some artists you really like. Now imagine that you happen to be performing one of said songs on the street and the rock star who wrote it overhears the performance and decides to come and jam with you. Pretty incredible dream come true, right? Well that’s exactly what happened for The Voice of Praise Choir from First Baptist Church in New Orleans when Lenny Kravitz was in town.

The Voice of Praise Choir happened to be performing the popular Lenny Kravitz song “Fly Away” on the street. Mr. Kravitz was in the neighbourhood sitting on a patio and overheard the choir rocking away on his song. Kravitz immediately got up, went to where he heard the performance and joined in on the festivities. Of course it was all captured on camera for your viewing pleasure.

Kravtiz at first observed the choir and cheered them on. He then took a turn on drum duty, followed by grabbing the mic to provide vocals along with the kids, to the excitement of his new found choir buddies.

The best part is that Lenny, who’s friend captured all the video footage as he joined the kids, seemed just as excited to take part in the performance and hear his song being covered as the kids were to have him join in.

Watch the very cool moment below where Lenny Kravitz officially became a choir geek.

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Brian Gasparek

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