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Prince to throw a pajama party concert at his house

The Purple One wants attendees to party 'til the sun comes up.
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Brian Gasparek, October 18, 2013 11:49:55 AM

Although some people may find the idea of going out and socializing in pajamas to be a massive faux pas, Prince sees it as a time to get down and party. The Purple one has announced that he is gearing up to throw a pajama party concert at his Minnesota home, and everyone who wants to get in better bust out their best sleep wear fashion.

This Saturday, October 19, Prince is inviting guests to drop by his home, which is of course dubbed ‘Paisley Park’, to check out the purple rocker perform a late night set that will go into the early hours of the morning. I suppose that’s the point of the pajamas. Hopefully he will be dishing out some of his famous pancakes at the end of the show.

Prince is calling the event ”The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party.” If you want to show up, the Purple One has made a few simple rules. ”Dress 2 impress” in your pajamas and “keep it classy.” He is also asking guest to give a $50 charity donation when they arrive to Paisley Park. The event will start at 2va.m. and go until “the sun comes up.”

Prince will be performing at the gig with support from his all-lady trio band called 3rdEyeGirl. Should be a pretty amazing show for fans that are able to make it into the grounds.

To get you pumped for footage from the event, here is Prince’s latest sensual video for “Breakfest Can Wait,” Not sure if this would meet his dress-code.

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Brian Gasparek

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