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Watch the a cappella evoloution of Beyonce

A cappella group Pentatonix mash-up of every Beyonce hit.
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Brian Gasparek, October 28, 2013 3:49:27 PM

If you don’t know who Beyonce is and have never heard a hit song by her former girl group Destiny’s Child or one of her countless hits, something is very wrong. But if for some reason you have been living under this solar system’s biggest rock and have never paid attention to any of Beyonce’s tunes or decorated history, well you are very much in luck my friend. A popular a cappella group has decided to throw you a bone and do a mash-up of every single Beyonce hit in one compact video to catch you up to speed.

Well-known Texas/California a cappella quintet Pentatonix, (with an ‘X’ to make it more bad ass) the group who won season 3 of NBC’s show The Sing-Off, took to their YouTube account to make a pretty fantastic vocal-only version of Beyonce’s hit back catalogue called “Evolution of Beyonce.”

It’s all there, from Destiny’s Child jams like “Bills Bills Bills” to “Survivor,” as well as all of the solo bangers from “Crazy in Love” to “Halo.”

Pentatonix made the video to help promote the release of their second album ‘PTX Vol. 2.’ You can check out all the details about the bass pumpin’, beat-boxing a cappella group on their website, as well as other covers they’ve crafted.

In the meantime, check out Pentatonix’s killer “Evolution of Beyonce” video below. It’s pretty cool.

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Brian Gasparek

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