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Oh yeah – Kool-Aid Man is back

The Kool-Aid Man is back with a new health-conscious message
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Amber Dowling, April 18, 2013 9:08:42 AM

It’s been a while, but one of advertising’s most memorable mascots is back, with a twist. Kool-Aid Man has resurfaced in two new commercials promoting the sickly sweet drink, but unlike previous incarnations of the jugged dude, this one is slightly more health conscious.

In the first commercial, Kool-Aid Man explains how he goes about his day (including trying out his stellar catchphrase, “Oh yeah” in the mirror), and picking his outfit, a.k.a. his flavour. In the second, he demonstrates the new liquid squirt version of the drink, one that comes sugar-free.

Fans of the classic Kool-Aid Man (or Family Guy aficionados who just love when he pops up from time to time), will be happy to know that the pitcher is still charging through walls, even if his voice and catchphrase are slightly off.

That’s what happens when you trade in the “thug life” for the “jug life,” I suppose.

Watch the ads now:

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Amber Dowling

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