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‘Hemlock Grove’ producer attacked by octopus

Eli Roth (not pictured) sustains minor hand injury following a random run-in with a hostel -- er, hostile -- sea creature.
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Emily Gagne, April 26, 2013 10:57:11 AM

If you thought Hemlock Grove’s werewolf-transformation scene was eye-popping, wait until you hear what happened to show producer and Hostel director Eli Roth recently. Dude got in a squabble with a squid!

According to TMZ, Roth was bitten by an octopus while in Hawaii and as a result can now be seen rocking a notable finger cast (or, as TMZ calls it, a “pinky condom”).

Although the sea creature in question was apparently only a baby, it did some major damage, causing Roth to bleed out for quite some time following the attack. His doctor has ordered him to wear the aforementioned “pinky condoms” until the wound full heals, a demand which Roth seems to have taken in stride. (Check out the hammy pics of him flaunting the beast!)

Surprisingly, this is not Roth’s first publicized seaside injury. He had a run-in with some angry sea urchins a few years back, which ended with him with a seriously swollen foot and, reportedly, a “fear of the ocean.”

While his pride and smallest finger may be wounded, Roth is hardly hurting career-wise right now. The first season of Hemlock Grove has performed fairly well with Netflix viewers since its April 19 debut. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told Deadline that the series, which follows the strange, supernatural goings on of a fictional town in Pennsylvania, was “viewed by even more subscribers in its first couple of days” than House of Cards, Netflix’s well-received premiere original series.

Roth serves as an executive producer on Hemlock and directed the first episode, “Jellyfish in the Sky.” The show is his first major foray into TV, with him having previously kept to horror-themed filmmaking (Hostel, Cabin Fever) and making cameos in his buddy Quentin Tarantino’s films (Inglourious Basterds, Death Proof). The producer recently told TV Guide Canada it was the gory of the series that got him on board.

’I’ve been wanting to do television — something in the horror space — for years,” Roth said. But this is finally the right match, the right story, the right network, the right time. Where we can do something that’s horror-themed and tell a violent, scary story and let it go as violent as it needs to be.”

OK, but let’s keep the animal-themed violence on screen, Eli.
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Emily Gagne

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