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Spocks face off in new TV ad

New car ad reunites big-screen Vulcans
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Greg David, May 8, 2013 10:20:34 AM

Star Trek: Into Darkness is poised to explode onto the big screen as reruns of the popular series continue to anchor so many TV schedules. And so Audi is celebrating with a cool little TV spot that’s jam-packed with Star Trek references and stars the original and future/past Spock.

Leonard Nimoy, who appeared on the original Star Trek as well as a phalanx of spinoff features, appears alongside Heroes lead Zachary Quinto, who plays the young Vulcan in J.J. Abrams’ franchise reboot.

The ad finds the pair preparing to meet for a golf date. As an otherworldly soundtrack plays in the background, Quinto easily fits his clubs into his Audi’s trunk, while Nimoy struggles to get his into what appears to be a Mercedes. “F–k!” Nimoy curses, resorting to strapping his clubs into the passenger seat.

Quinto’s sweet ride slides down the street, built-in GPS guiding the way, while Nimoy sings an ode to Bilbo Baggins (a.k.a. a potential low point in his career) in his jalopy. Check out the full ad, with it’s Vulcan nerve pinch conclusion, below.

Star Trek: Into Darkness, co-starring Quinto, bows May 16 on North American movie screens, while all five seasons of Fringe, which Nimoy guest-starred on, is available on DVD now.


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