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Fox cuts one Kiefer Sutherland show, revives another

'Touch' gets cancelled, while Fox talks of bringing back '24.'
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Emily Gagne, May 10, 2013 10:07:51 AM

While they have lost touch with Kiefer Sutherland’s latest show, Fox obviously thinks the Canadian is, in one way or another, a keeper.

On Thursday, the network announced the cancellation of Touch, Sutherland’s current Fox drama. Meanwhile, Deadline reports Fox is considering reviving 24, Sutherland’s former drama.

According to Deadline, Fox wants to produce a limited new season (read: mini-series) of 24, which would, if current “talks” go well, include Sutherland reprising his role as Jack Bauer. Apparently this plan has been in motion for quite some time, with showrunner Howard Gordon (TNT’s upcoming Sean Bean starrer Legends and award-winning Homeland) pitching the idea as an alternative to a previously planned 24 feature film.

While nothing has been confirmed by Fox with regards to the 24 revival, one of the show’s former executive producers, David Fury, made it clear he is involved over Twitter. While retweeting the Deadline piece, he wrote to fans, “Yep, I’m pulling double duty along w/ [FX pilot] TYRANT.”

Also, with Touch now confirmed as cancelled, Sutherland should be free for the project. Touch‘s demise at Fox really comes as no surprise either, since the show lost almost two million viewers over the course of its sophomore season. It certainly didn’t help that Fox moved the series to Friday nights, which can be a TV drama dead zone.

Touch‘s season finale, which will now function as a series finale, airs this Friday, May 10 at 9 p.m. on Global/Fox.


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Emily Gagne
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