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‘Hannibal’ saviours already lining up

Bryan Fuller's struggling horror epic could get a second life outside NBC.
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Cody Powell, May 16, 2013 9:47:06 AM

NBC may be losing its appetite for Hannibal, but it appears other networks’ bellies are gurgling for a taste.

The Peacock hasn’t officially cancelled Bryan Fuller’s freshman horror series just yet, but Deadline reports that at least one cable network is interested in taking the series on should it be set to sail, as has Amazon, whose Instant Video streaming service presently carries repeats of the show.

Normally the big networks announce renewals and cancellations at their upfront presentations, but NBC went through theirs earlier this week without announcing Hannibal‘s fate, electing to sleep on it a few more nights and, with that decision, fuelling speculation about potential outside pick ups. The actual shopping process won’t begin, though, until NBC makes a final decision.

Given the show’s ratings have slipped quite precipitously from its premiere to last week’s episode, “Sorbet” — from 1.6 to 1.1 in the key 18-49 demo and 4.36 to 2.62 in total viewers (millions) —  most are predicting NBC will pass on a renewal, leaving the door open for other networks to swoop in and save the hemorrhaging series from the bin.

Beyond being a critical darling, what makes Hannibal an even more interesting prospect is that, because it’s produced under an international model (the entire series was actually shot in Ontario), its licensing fee is significantly less than other series with similarly high production values. Had that not been the case, Hannibal would almost certainly be dead and buried by now.


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Cody Powell
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