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Jesse James cuts off finger

Reality show star severs digit in machine shop incident.
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Greg David, May 22, 2013 8:45:52 AM

Jesse James said goodbye to a “little buddy” of his Tuesday, after he cut the tip off his right pinky finger in a machine shop incident.

“Doesn’t look like this little dude’s gonna make it, nice know’n you little buddy,” the reality television star tweeted Tuesday from Austin, Texas. The message was accompanied by a picture of the severed fingertip, which was mangled and white due to blood loss.

James posted other shots of the injury, including one of him making the traditional rock ‘n’ roll devil horns salute with his shortened pinky.

News outlets report the 44-year-old was working when one of his gloved hands got caught in a machine and pulled his fingertip off.

“My wife [Alexis DeJoria] and I were on the floor looking around for the finger so we could put it on ice and haul … to the hospital,” he told TMZ. “They’re going to take a skin graft of the chunk of finger and then sew it back on. I asked them if they could sew my fingerprint on upside down, though, just for fun.”

James, a motorcycle customizer and ex-husband of actress Sandra Bullock, has starred in several reality series including Jesse James: Outlaw Garage, Jesse James is a Dead Man and Monster Garage. He also appeared as a competitor and mentor on The Celebrity Apprentice.


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