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Man dupes eight different reality shows

Ken Tarr perfects the reality TV hoax by personifying eight different people.
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Samantha Sobolewski, June 10, 2013 9:50:59 AM

Think professional sleazeball can’t be an official title? Think again.

Ken Tarr, an L.A. based “actor” of sorts, has perfected the art of TV hoaxing by appearing on eight different reality shows in the last five months, playing slimey character after character and tarnishing the “real” in reality TV.

“Television insults and manipulates us all the time,” Tarr tells The Village Voice, who first published the feature on the serial hoaxer. “So I thought I might as well come up with my own hoaxes and demonstrate how you can manipulate them.”

Tarr has appeared on such series as Judge Joe Brown, The Trisha Goddard Show, and even the OWN Network’s Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal. He has portrayed a trucker who racked up $70,000 in debt through hookers and the lottery, a gypsy clown that ruined the bathroom at a child’s birthday party, and a plumber locked in a mortuary overnight and got cheated on the bill.

According to the outlet, Tarr even once pitched a producer on The Maury Povich Show using four different names, but she “didn’t appear to notice.”

Most recently, Tarr can be seen playing K.T., a man living off his rich girlfriend with a lady on the side, on The Bill Cunningham Show. The episode aired on May 13.

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Samantha Sobolewski

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