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‘Modern Family’ star’s mama drama nears end

Judge refuses to place Ariel Winter back into her mother's custody.
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Cody Powell, August 1, 2013 10:48:43 AM

Like any Modern Family, Ariel Winter’s has problems. Fortunately for her, they’re one step closer to being solved.

According to TMZ, a judge has denied a request from Winter’s mother, Chrystal Workman, to return the young actress to her custody. Workman was stripped of said custody back in November over allegations she physically and emotionally abused the 15-year-old starlet.

Instead, Winter will remain under her sister Shanelle Gray’s temporary guardianship until at least Sept. 16, when Workman’s custody case goes to trial.

Apparently, Winter is much happier living with her sister, telling Teen Vogue in a March interview, “My life is definitely more normal [now] — and that’ll help me grow up like I’m supposed to.

“Like, I always wanted to be a dancer, and now I’m taking dance classes,” she continued. “And I didn’t have many friends. It was all about work. Nowadays, my sister’s like, ‘You’re supposed to have friends. You’re supposed to go out on Friday and Saturday nights.’”

Basically, Winter has no interest in going back to her mother, and has seemingly cut all ties at this point, something that factored heavily into Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas’s decision.

“[Chrystal Workman] presented no evidence that there were any changes or repair of damage to their relationship,” read the new court order staying Gray’s guardianship.

Workman claims the allegations against her are fabricated, stemming from her disapproval over Winter’s relationship with actor Cameron Palatas (Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous).

“I’m the one being abused here,” Workman told the Associated Press on Wednesday. “I’m doing this for all stage mothers. This could happen to any of them.”


Season 5 of Modern Family bows with a one-hour premiere event on Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 9 p.m. ET on City/ABC.

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Cody Powell
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