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‘Supernatural’ scoop: Misha Collins game for Cas/Dean kiss

TV Guide Canada gets Collins to talk about the "intense intimacy" of Castiel and Dean, Castiel fan fiction and the possibility of a gay dream sequence.
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Emily Gagne, September 5, 2013 12:00:09 AM

Team Castiel may very well have a guardian angel in the form of Misha Collins.

Speaking to TV Guide Canada at the CBS party at the 2013 Television Critics Association Press Tour in July,  Supernatural regular Collins said he would be game for a fan fiction-affirming kiss between his character and Jensen Ackles’s Dean Winchester. Well, provided Ackles follows through on one, minor condition.

“If Cas and Dean had a kissing scene, whether it’s a dream sequence or not, I would just really hope that Jensen brushed his teeth,” he quipped. “That would be my dream.”

In all seriousness though, Collins noted that he does sense a definite tension between Castiel and Dean on set, especially after coming into contact with fanfiction that ships and points out the connections between the surface-straight duo.

“It’s one of the very unexpected surprises of coming to this job,” Collins said of fanfic. “Knowing that it is out there, you can’t help but be conscious of it in those moments.”

He continued, “It’s hard to say whether we’re playing to the fact that we know fans are doing that, or whether that’s just a real aspect of their relationship … But I think that there is a certain intense intimacy to their relationship that is real and that fuels that fanfiction.”

Collins couldn’t confirm whether any seemingly suggestive moments between Cas and Dean are written to provoke fans or will be in the future, but he has some serious backstage suspicions.

“Honestly, I think that [executive producers] Jeremy Carver and Eric Kripke ghostwrite most of the slash fiction,” he said, smirking before adding, “I write a lot of Wincest.”


Supernatural returns Tuesday, Oct. 8, 9 p.m. ET on CHCH/CW.

Thoughts? Sound off below. And be sure to check out TV Guide Canada’s full Fall Preview here.




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Emily Gagne

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