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‘Lost Girl’ Talk: Emily Andras on “Sleeping Beauty School”

In the latest edition of the 'TV Guide Canada' exclusive series, the EP talks about the futures of Kenzi and Hale, and Crystal and Lauren, and getting Paul Amos into that very, very tiny Vex-semble.
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Emily Gagne, November 17, 2013 11:05:11 PM

Welcome to Week 2 of Lost Girl Talk, Faenatics! 

This week, I talked to showrunner Emily Andras about Sunday’s episode, “Sleeping Beauty School.” Check out the Q&A below for some answers regarding the future of Kenzi and Hale following the big kiss(es), and some backstage scoop on the train, as well as Vex’s latest highly revealing ensemble. First off, great intro with the Tamsin twist! What was it like casting a younger version of Rachel [Skarsten]?
Emily Andras: It was hard! But fun!

Rachel has a specific type of energy — she’s irreplaceable one might say. So we really needed to find a child actor with that attitude and that confidence but also with vulnerability. I think the girl did a great job!

TVG: Did you let Rachel in on the casting process at all?
EA: We didn’t really let her in on it. She knew she was going to be sort of reborn, but we didn’t necessarily give her carte blanche on the casting.

TVG: I was looking at the credits and I noticed that the woman who played the girl running the beauty parlour and child playing the youngest version of Tamsin had the same last name. Any relation?
EA:  They’re not, actually! It’s just an eerie coincidence!

We just cast from the same family. Like, the Barrymores all the time. [Laughs]

TVG: How long are we going to have to wait to see Rachel and our fully grown Valkyrie again? Because we already saw her age a bit in this episode.
EA:  We don’t have to wait too, too long. But the arrival of Rachel proper will be really unexpected, which we’re really excited about.

TVG: Another great addition this year is the train. Can you talk about shooting those scenes?
EA:  It was amazing. The art department is just so incredible and that was one of the greatest sets they’ve ever built. And obviously we’re going to be seeing more of the train. But it’s funny, to make it seem like it’s moving it really just involves all of us shaking it, which is pretty funny. So nothing high tech. [Laughs]

We love the train. We think it’s really mysterious and it has this amazing kind of ‘Fae Express’ feeling. But I do think that’s the last place you think Bo’s going to be, and the last place Bo thinks she’s going to be. So it will be fun to see what happens with that….

TVG: So, can you confirm that this is a setting we’ll be seeing more of? Because the end of the episode saw her trying to get off the train.
EA: She tried to jump off the train, but at the same time, Dyson and Cleo are trying to get on the train to find her. It’s one of those mismeetings, which is kind of sad.

But, yes, you will see more of it. We’re going to have to find out what happened to Bo on the train, so that will play this season as well.

TVG: This episode was really action-packed. At least in terms of Hale getting hit on by everyone!
EA:  [Laughs] I know! Wasn’t that cute?

TVG: But that’s not the last we’re going to see of Kenzi and Hale, right?
EA: No! Definitely not!

I think people will have their own interpretations of how much Kenzi’s enthusiasm for Hale was brought about by the perfume he’s been blessed with, and how much the perfume lowered her inhibitions and let her act on feelings she’s always had for him. It’s meant to be ambiguous, but certainly those two have issues that have to be sorted out.

And it’s nice to see Hale be a wanted one for once! I think he’s a great guy and he’s a fan favourite and he deserves some action, one way or another.

TVG: It seemed like a lot of romantic connections were being set up in “Sleeping Beauty School.” Of course, we had Dyson talking about how much he loves Bo, which was adorable. But I also see some potential in the Lauren/Crystal friendship in Bo’s absence.
EA: Definitely.

I think Ali Liebert is amazing. She just brings so much warmth and she’s just so adorable.  And it’s just so nice for Lauren. She’s been through the ringer for so many years, I think it’s nice for her to meet someone who is sort of warm and understanding and sees things in her that she’s not used to being appreciated for — being funny and cute and lovely.

I think you really see it in that hug in the final scene with Lauren and Crystal. Crystal agrees to erase the ‘alien’/Fae video and Lauren just grabs on to Crystal and gives her the biggest hug. I think that tiny human kindness is just something that’s been missing from Lauren’s life for a long time and something she didn’t realize she was desperate for.

TVG: On the topic of Lauren, I’m assuming that Zoie [Palmer] is wearing a red wig, but is Lauren doing the same? Or is her blonde hair really gone for now?
EA:  Well, if I say the blonde hair is gone, I’m going to get my house bombed. [Laughs]

So, I wouldn’t say that. But let’s just say Lauren is a master of disguise. And hopefully — if we just hope and pray — eventually we’ll get back to blonde Lauren.

TVG: How worried should we be for Lauren, though? Because she is definitely on one of those unamen masks, along with Bo and Kenzi.
EA: We saw masks of Lauren, Kenzi, Bo and a couple of other masks.

I think unamen have their targets — the people who are maybe bringing chaos to their colony — so, I think we should be worried for all our girls. Very, very worried.  Anyone who can subdue Vex in such a physical manner is something to be scared of. And obviously they’ve done something to Vex now, and we have to see what happens there.

But yeah, it’s never that good when your face shows up on a death mask. [Laughs]

TVG: How much cajoling did it take to get Paul [Amos] to wear that very, very little codpiece in the torture scene?
EA: It takes very little cajoling! It’s more like, ‘Hey, Paul. Would you mind putting on some pants?’ [Laughs]

But he’s so game. Amos is so up for anything. He just has no shame about that stuff. But also he’s a theatrical actor, so he just commits. And even though it was such a hilarious outfit, you really felt Vex’s terror and his pain. And that’s just kudos to the actor.

TVG: Let’s return to Bo for a second. We now know for sure that she’s still missing some memories about her time on the train. Is getting them back going be a season-long process, or will we get some answers sooner than later?
EA: Certainly there was a sense that when Bo woke up on the train, she didn’t know what the hell was happening. She didn’t wake up and say, ‘Oh, I’m still on the train.’ She was like, ‘Where am I? What’s going on? I just know I gotta get back to people!’ Her memory seems fuzzy as well.

Without giving too much away, Bo is a survivor — she does what it takes to keep going. And I think putting together the pieces is going to be a theme of the season. The only thing worse than forgetting is remembering, and I think that’s going to play a huge part in this season.

TVG: What can you tease about next week’s episode, “Lovers. Apart.”? 
EA:  Obviously it’s kind of a race for Bo to get home. And Dyson and Cleo, who doesn’t seem particularly trustworthy, are now striving to rescue Bo in a realm that’s incredibly dangerous. It’s really going to be about reuniting Bo with the people she loves, but at a cost. It’s really going to highlight the person that Bo is, that no matter what kind of trouble she’s in, she always has the time and instinct to help others.

Also, we’re going to see more of Lauren’s journey. Lauren also has to figure out a way to get home. She’s in a lot of trouble, and a lot of people are looking for her. That’s going to be a big issue next episode.

TVG: Finally, what was your Faevourite moment of “Sleeping Beauty School”?
EA: Oh my gosh, there were so many. [Laughs]

The moment I can’t watch no matter how many times I see the cut is the part where Lauren opens up the guy’s throat. It’s so disgusting! It makes Jay Firestone laugh like a banshee, but I honestly can’t watch it.

I really liked the moment where Dyson talked about his feelings for Bo and loved the moment where Lauren hugged Crystal. I just think it was such a nice, human moment. I also really liked, in general, the weird babysitting/maternal thing that developing between Kenzi and Tamsin. Like when Kenzi did the little show for Tamsin using her sparky powers.

There were a lot more emotional moments this episode than big set pieces. Although, I do laugh every time Eddie gets ploughed down by the train. [Laughs]


Lost Girl airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Thoughts? Questions about “Sleeping Beauty School” and beyond? Leave ‘em below and be sure to check in this time next week for our post-ep chat on “Lovers. Apart.”




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