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‘Modern Family’ star headlines ‘The First Gay Bachelor’

Funny or Die skit has Jesse Tyler Ferguson playing the first ever homosexual Bachelor, while George Takei narrates.
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Emily Gagne, November 19, 2013 10:43:18 AM

Just when you thought you’d seen and heard it all on The Bachelor (hey, those men and women always come out to those Tell All specials!), in comes a new spinoff: The First Gay Bachelor.

OK, we have to confess. The First Gay Bachelor isn’t an actual Bachelor spinoff coming to an ABC affiliate near you. BUT, it is the subject of a hilarious new Funny or Die skit spoofing the popular reality series and starring Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Star Trek alum (and recent Lost Girl guest star) George Takei and NSYNC’s own Lance Bass.

Takei takes on the Chris Harrison hosting role in the faux promo for the faux series, while Ferguson plays the chosen Bachelor, Bryden (not to be confused with the contestants Bryden H. and Bryden G.). Meanwhile, Bass makes a cameo as himself, pretending to be one of the many self-absorbed contestants interested in everything but Bryden (to Bryden’s “I’m supposed to be the Bachelor!” they say, “We’re all bachelors, dude!”).

To use Takei’s token line, there are plenty of “Oh my!” moments in The First Gay Bachelor, including a touching, yet harrowing (for Bryden, anyway) rose ceremony, and a finale that really sums up the purpose of the skit. As Takei wraps up the preview, he says, “The First Gay Bachelor. No, there’s still not a black one!”

Yeah, if we could give this bit a rose, we would give them a whole bouquet.


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Emily Gagne
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