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‘HIMYM’ scoop: The Mother meets [SPOILER] in 200th ep

Plus, which actress does Cobie Smulders want to play Robin's mother in the latter half of the season?
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Emily Gagne, December 17, 2013 12:00:39 AM

The upcoming 200th episode of How I Met Your Mother is going to showcase one of the most highly anticipated meetings of the entire series. Followed by one of the most highly anticipated splits. As per Cobie Smulders, that episode marks the first time we’ll see Cristin Milioti’s Mother with the a certain sunny-coloured rain accessory.

“We finally get to see what happened at the club with the yellow umbrella!” Smulders told TV Guide Canada excitedly of the upcoming landmark instalment during a recent phone interview, alluding to Season 3 episode “No Tomorrow,” which saw The Mother’s signature storm weather shield make its debut (as HIMYM fans will recall, she left it at a St. Patrick’s Day party, where Ted picked it up).

Although there have been previous moments involving The Mother and the yellow umbrella, this will mark the first time we’ll see her face in the same space as it (up until now, her head has been hidden underneath it so as to hide The Mother’s identity). After all, as previously announced, the episode is wholly Mother and Milioti-centric. And according to Smulders, the half-hour will be made up mainly of flashbacks, presenting The Mother’s past sans Ted, as opposed to her future with him.

“It’s basically what’s been going on in her life in the last nine years,” the actress known to HIMYM fans as Robin Scherbatsky, Robin Sparkles and Robin Daggers explained. “We get to kind of see how [she and Ted] just miss each other.”

She continued, “That episode is a lot about tying up loose ends and showing fans what they want to see.”

This instalment, which Smulders and Milioti already shot, will not feature the first meeting of Robin and The Mother. But expect to see some moments between Smulders and another matronly figure as the season progresses, as she confirmed to us that HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are currently on the hunt for someone to play Robin’s mother.

Smulders didn’t know who exactly Bays and Thomas had in mind for the role at press time, but she was quick to offer a few suggestions of her own. “I pitched Annette Benning,” she noted when asked about her dream casting choices for Mrs. Scherbatsky. “I would really like that. Mary McDonald I think I pitched too.”

The Vancouver native added, “It should be an interesting Canadian callback. I don’t know she’s going to be abooting it all over the place, but I think she lives up in Canada, so that should be cool.”

For now, however, Smulders is focused on celebrating Milioti’s big Mother moment. “I’m so excited she gets a whole episode!” she said of her Season 8 co-star. “I feel like she’s always in these quick scenes with us, and she never gets a chance to shine so much.”


HIMYM returns to City and CBS in 2014.

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