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Q&A: Linda Hamilton riffs on her ‘Lost Girl’ return

The actress, best known for the 'Terminator' series, talks finally getting to work with Anna Silk, what's next for Acacia's hand and the pros and cons of badass boots.
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Emily Gagne, January 24, 2014 12:00:54 PM

This Sunday, she’ll be back!

In case you didn’t get that poorly framed but well-meaning reference, the “she” in question is always awesome Terminator actress Linda Hamilton, who makes her second appearance on Lost Girl (her first cameo was in Season 3′s “Delinquents”) with this week’s new episode, “End of a Line.” And, as Hamilton told TV Guide Canada from the set, her character, strong-willed hunter and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) mentor Acacia, is in full, mega boot-wearing, quip-dropping force this time around.

Read our full chat with Hamilton below for info on everything from her accident-prone first scene with Anna to the status of Acacia’s seeming lost hand!

TVG: How has it been coming back to Lost Girl after last year?
LH: I have been waiting, waiting to come back. Cause it was good last year and I knew that they were going to flesh out the character and give me more to do. It’s my dream job, totally.

TVG: How are they going to reintegrate you into the show this season?
LH: I don’t know if you remember, but last year they cut my hand off! So they left us all wondering and I was like, ‘Do I go to work with a hook? I’ve never gone to work with a hook before!’ But the wonderful reality here is, they can grow a new hand onto my stump, which actually presents a whole new set of problems in one scene. They don’t overlook the fact, they address the fact, and there are a couple of comic moments that come out of it.

But in the storyline, it’s kind of a coincidence that I’m here. Cause I’m now a revenant hunter and I happen to cross paths with a revenant that’s after Bo. It looks like it’s coincidental, but, you know, this character always has her own agenda …

TVG: Does that mean you’re going to get some crazy, fighting-your-own-hand scenes?
LH: Maybe … with a machete! [Laughs.]

TVG: You did most of your scenes with Rachel last year. Are you working with Anna Silk this season?
LH: I am! I’ve worked with Anna — we’re in the midst of a fabulous scene right now. [I work with] Kris [Holden-Ried] as well, although we don’t have a lot to do with each other. But we’ve walked in a scene together! So, it’ll be Rachel and Kris and Anna.

TVG: I remember talking with you last year and you were wearing these awesome Michael Kors boots. Do you get to wear similarly badass outfits this year?
LH: Absolutely! [Laughs.] You know, I regret these boots! I’m always the trooper, like, ‘No, no, no, I wanna be tall!’ I have to stand next to Rachel, for God’s sake, so I have to wear high boots. So when they say ‘It’s uneven terrain,’ I say, ‘No worries!’

I tell you, I can do all the stunts, I can do all the things they ask of me, but it’s the high heels walking through gravel and I’m in agony! [Laughs.] Who knew? These boots look great, but my feet might never be the same!

TVG: Do they let you wear Uggs? Because I saw Anna rocking them in between scenes on set.
LH: You know, I wish that I brought mine. Because slipping out your boots is one thing, but then I have to put my sneakers on, which is just as much hard work. Next year I’m bringing my Uggs!

TVG: Would you say that this cameo is bigger than the one in Season 3 in terms of action? Because this season, in general, seems to be more intense on that level.
LH: Yes, they’re much more ambitious with their scripts this year. There are longer days, harder days and more in every episode. But I wouldn’t even call it a cameo this time. Last year it was a cameo, this year it’s some real good stuff…

TVG: It’s an arc!
LH: Mmm hmm! And hopefully it’s not the end of the arc. The arc is just starting!

TVG: In other words, you’re definitely game to continue with Lost Girl in the future?
LH: Absolutely! This is the kind of stuff I love — it’s edgy, it’s funky, it’s strong and it’s funny. What else does a girl want?

TVG: It really is a perfect fit for you, given you previous roles. Have you given Anna any tips on being a badass female icon?
LH: Not at all! Because that would be arrogant of me. And she certainly holds her own.

We’re in the middle of a huge  … physical … scene right now. She actually knocks me down and it terrified her! She wasn’t meant to knock me and she was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I’m like, ‘Trust me, I can take a fall. I won’t even have a bruise!’ [Laughs.]

TVG: You were at Fan Expo this summer promoting some of your other work, but did anyone come up to you specifically because of Lost Girl?
LH: Absolutely! The fan base is huge out there and this is right up their alley. For them to graciously come up to me and say, ‘You were so great on Lost Girl,’ it’s like ‘Really? Wait until we do something else! I’m coming back!’


Lost Girl airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.

Thoughts? Sound off below. And be sure to check the site Sunday night after “End of a Line” for our post-mortem with Lost Girl showrunner Emily Andras.




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