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‘Lost Girl’ Talk: “Origin”

The penultimate episode of Season 4 stirs up talk of Fae divorce, lingering Fae-vours and how many Big Bads we should be on the lookout for going into the Fae-nale
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Emily Gagne, February 9, 2014 11:00:14 PM

Bo and Rainer getting married (or should we say, “Bound 2″ one another?) Bo’s father rising from the underworld! Kenzi attempting a Druid-killing spree! Lauren tricking the Morrigan into tasting her serum (not a euphemism, unsurprisingly)! Massimo calling The Morrigan his mom!

There were so many twisty turns on this week’s Lost Girl, we’re feeling like hot and spicy pretzel just thinking about them. Luckily, we’ve got Emily Andras here to untangle what she can and offer some tasty morsels to whet your appetite for next week’s finale. (P.S. – Please read to the bottom of the interview for a special finale-themed surprise!)

TV Guide Canada: Before we get serious, can we talk about Bo’s ensemble from the final scenes of the episode? It may have been the most booby Bo outfit of all-time!
EA: It was the boobiest thing I’ve ever seen! It was very controversial, that outfit. Because some people were like, ‘Oh, it’s too Warrior Princess! It’s too fairytale.’ But then you just put it on Anna Silk and you’re like, ‘Yeah, it’s going to be fine!’ [Laughs]

TVG: People were freaking out when we posted it on our social feeds last week, saying ‘It looks so Xena!’
EA: But even if you’re like, ‘It looks so Xena,’ I would challenge you. Like, is that the worst? Is it really the worst to be Xena?

TVG: But in all seriousness, the ending was huge with the possible rising of Bo’s father from the underworld. Does this mean we’re finally going to get to meet him, or is this just the beginning of a whole new struggle?
EA: Needless to say, when Daddy comes knocking, he’s a bit of a drama queen. Whatever message he’s sending to Bo is not cards and flowers. So, brace yourself, everybody!

TVG: So we’ve officially got two Big Bads going into the finale now.
EA: Mmm hmm! We definitely do–Massimo and the dad. Unless you’re thinking someone else is the Big Bad….

TVG: Well, I’m still not trusting Trick at this point.
EA: Trick has so much to amend for and that comes into play in the finale.

It’s just funny how even dictators have their own truths and they see what they did as being on the right side of the law. I think Trick is getting to a point where he can no longer deny that his actions as the Blood King were largely horrific. He was a tyrant and made terrible choices and the past has now come calling. Those choices are coming to fruition in ‘Karma’s gonna bite you in the a–!’ way.

TVG: In Lauren’s research she discovered that “between the warrior and the queen, one shall die.” You can’t really kill off Bo, so should we be worried for Rainer? Because that sounds like a death sentence for him.
EA: It does. But you know the Fae and their crazy metaphors. Like, who is the warrior and who is the queen? Nobody has the codebook to decipher these strange rumblings from the past.

Everything can be interpreted in a way that’s largely metaphorical, or it can be literal. And I would say that’s certainly part of the suspense going into the finale. What does this actually mean? What is the Book of Destiny actually trying to tell Bo? Who are the players? I think that’s very much up for debate still. I would be worried for our whole gang going into the finale. I don’t think everyone’s going to make it out.

TVG: Who do you think might be in the most danger, though? I mean, now we’ve got the Morrigan fully human!
EA: Oh, yeah! That was an amazing scene!

TVG: Especially when you finally got Lauren to say, ‘The doctor is in!’
EA: God bless Zoie Palmer for just selling it. It was hilarious. Horrible, but so funny.

But I don’t want to say who’s in more danger and who’s in less danger. I think everybody’s kind of f—ed just by loving Bo and being part of her circle.

TVG: It seems like it might be a good time for The Morrigan to cash in on a favour that she is owed by Kenzi….
EA: Ah! I just love that little nugget just sitting there that the fans are waiting for. And we are certainly aware of it. But we just want to find that exact, perfect moment for her to drop that bomb. In the same way that I think The Morrigan is such a survivor, and such a champion player at the game, she also has that Get Out of Jail Free card in her back pocket and we always know she has it. It’s the bullet in the gun.

TVG: We’ve already seen Tim Rozon (Massimo) with some gross make-up on, but will get to see a more intense take on it next week? Because we didn’t get to see the end result of him eating the origin seed.
EA: I would say it’s certainly affected him. I mean, it’s a human ingesting the origin seed, the most powerful concentration of Fae energy we’ve seen introduced. But I would say the damage is as much psychological as it is physical. There is a change. There is a change, for sure.

TVG: What was it like shooting Hale’s funeral? I know you spoke about the cast farewell party last week, but this must have conjured a whole other level of emotions.
EA: It was really sad. It’s so surreal to have a funeral for a character you’ve fallen in love with, while also knowing there’s such an incredible actor behind the character that’s not there on the day.

Funerals are really hard on television because they’re completely passive; you’re kind of just there and you’re watching and feeling. But the gift was there were so many emotions running through our cast and our characters–Bo is just so concerned about Kenzi, Dyson just lost his partner and hasn’t had time to mourn that yet, Tamsin has a feeling something bad is coming and Lauren and Trick are absent. And we really worked hard to think of some conceits that would be appropriate for Hale’s background and his family.

So, in a way, it wasn’t the hardest day. It was just nice homage to Hale and I think was important that we didn’t brush over it, like we did with some less important deaths. We really wanted to give it some weight.

TVG: A technicality question. If Bo and Rainer had to be bound to make Bo’s father rise, could they not just break it off and send him back?
EA: Like, Fae divorce? You want them to pull a Britney? [Laughs]

It’s funny, we had the episode in Season 2 where Bo was threatening to marry Ryan and Trick made it clear that you can’t undo a Fae marriage easily.  I’m not saying the binding was necessarily marriage–we were very careful that it wasn’t necessarily a love match, but was more about destiny, and almost like a merging of two political powers. But I think the binding was the catalyst and the damage has been done.

TVG: The title of next week’s finale is “Dark Horse.” How does that relate to what’s going to happen, aside from building on the horse mythology and its connection to Bo’s legacy?
EA: Well, obviously Katy Perry is going to make a surprise appearance! [Laughs] Seriously, I don’t want to diss Katy, but we did call it “Dark Horse” before the song came out. So, whatever, Katy!

The term “dark horse” has so many implications both literally and figuratively. But you look into what we talk about when we talk about a dark horse, we think of an unexpected champion that maybe comes from behind….

TVG: So, unexpected champions and unexpected villains, perhaps?
EA: Unexpected champions, unexpected villains, unexpected twists and turns. Don’t underestimate anyone!

TVG: How does this finale compare to the previous three?
EA: Oh man, I think it’s the most major finale we’ve ever had. There’s going to be a lot of emotions and let’s just say it’s going to set our characters on a very specific journey going into what is hopefully Season 5.

TVG: Is there anything else you want to mention before we embark on the final episode of the season?
EA: Just that I really have enjoyed the feedback from the season from the fans. I know it’s been an intense season and I just love the passion and opinions that it’s inspired from everybody. I’m really anticipating the response to the finale and I think it’s going to be huge.


Attention, Lost Girl fans! Do you have any questions for Emily going into 413? Send them our way via our Twitter feed (@TVGuideCanada) and we’ll pick 13 to get answered in a special pre-finale edition of Lost Girl Talk to go up next Friday. Our typical post-ep chat series will then go up Sunday evening at 11 p.m. ET following the Showcase broadcast.




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