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April 19: Remote Control – TV’s top quotes

Pause and reflect on the most talked about quotes of the week including lines from 'Veep,' the MTV Movie Awards and more.
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Emily Gagne, April 19, 2013 12:00:46 AM

“When it’s 2 a.m., my eyes will say holocaust, but my mouth will say Carnavale!”
- Selina (Veep), requesting Miami Sunburst lipstick during the mid-term elections

“You can’t spell ‘lousy’ without ‘us.’”
- Homer (The Simpsons)

“I haven’t really kept up with my acting, apart from memorizing all of Taye Digg’s monologues from Private Practice. But that’s just to stay sharp.”
- Brad (Happy Endings)

“The art! The history! The free cheese just for wearing a low-cut top!”
- Lily (How I Met Your Mother) on Paris, France

“He has a Magic Mic that I’d like to sing into.”
- MTV Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson on Magic Mike star Channing Tatum

”I would love to be on your team, Kellie. Just so we could call it Team Pickler-Dick.”
- Andy Dick (Dancing With the Stars) to fellow competitor Kellie Pickler

“I have a real crisis on my hands: Elena stole my prom dress!”
- Caroline (The Vampire Diaries) to Klaus

“What are you bidding on? It better not be Terrence Howard’s tank top in Hustle & Flow.”
- Donna (Parks and Rec), seeing Ann on eBay

“Phillip is a fun sponge. He sucks the fun out of everything.”
– Malcolm (Survivor)

“You’re F-ing us?”
- Annie (Community), hearing that a professor wanted to give her study group all Fs


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