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‘Big Brother Canada’: The Milkman (under) delivers

Emmett Blois on coming up just short of the 'Big Brother Canada' title.
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Cody Powell, May 7, 2013 3:08:11 PM

Last Thursday, when Emmett Blois was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house and made the final member of the jury, you could almost hear a pin drop in the show’s studio.

There were a couple of sick individuals who clapped, ruining the moment of silence such a shocking eviction deserved, but most were left speechless (and motionless), their brains unable to transmit words to their mouths through a traffic jam of disbelief and disappointment.

Emmett was, in a sense, the perfect champion for Big Brother Canada‘s inaugural season, typifying exactly what the game is all about. He made big moves. He won the most challenges. He played a great social game. He strategized his butt off. And he did all that despite being fingered as a huge threat from Day 1, when Suzette nominated him for eviction alongside Kat.

Through a combination of winning challenges, schmoozing and endless strategizing, Emmett dug himself out of that early hole, sidestepping nominations for the next 70 days until his luck finally dried up on finale night. Simply put, he didn’t win when he needed to most, and Glitter Gary made him pay for it.

TV Guide Canada caught up with Emmett to get his thoughts on Gary’s betrayal and the whole voting controversy that dropped the Big Brother Canada title into his showmance’s hands.

TVGuide: I was in the audience Thursday night, and a lot of people, including myself, were upset to see you leave. I mean, you played an amazing, amazing game. Congratulations on that.
Emmett Blois: Toughest part for me, I think, would be — because I did come out third — maybe people won’t remember the game that I played, you know? The money was a consolation prize; it was just that No. 1 seat that I was going after.

TVG: Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that Suzette would essentially cost you the game? Because that final question in the last Head of Household competition was about her.
EB: No, it’s like I say: they decided who the winner was on a 50/50 competition, and you can’t get mad about that stuff. If it came down to like, ‘OK, final three we’re gonna have the public vote who they believe played the best game,’ I probably would have been fine. But it just came down to a 50/50, and I knew if I didn’t win that, Gary was gonna send me home. He just guessed right, and that’s all it was; they were just guesses. We had no clue what [the houseguests] said.

Note — The final HOH competition essentially had Emmett and Gary guess what the strategies of their fellow houseguests were prior to entering the house.

TVG: So you knew Gary was gonna send you out?
EB: Oh yeah. I know a lot of people are saying that I aligned myself with Gary, but we [Jillian and I] never aligned ourselves with Gary. We brought Gary because we figured he’d be easier to beat than Lala [Talla] because she’s a strong endurance player.

TVG: Do you get any money for finishing third?
EB: No, you don’t. It’s fine, though.

TVG: Did you at least get your Dan Gheesling bracelet back from Talla?
EB: No, Dan gave me another one last night.

TVG: I’ve gotta ask you about Topaz’s vote. It was tragic, but you’re not complaining, right? I saw you celebrating.
EB: Yeah, I am pumped over the controversy. I think it’s great. If Gary was to win, it was only because people were upset in the jury. I’m a true believer in if you need two lives to win this game, then you’re not a true winner. Those who play through this game and fight with one life [deserve to win]. If you gave me a second life, I still would have been there.

TVG: Be honest, it was just nice to see someone else, besides yourself, get burned by the rules for once.
EB: Yeah, I got caught up in a lot of DQs during the season. [During competitions], crazy things [are] going through your head, and my competitive spirit [really wanted] to win. But yeah, I was very happy, and I couldn’t be happier for Jill.

TVG: I saw you hugging and consoling Topaz in the jury box. What did you say to calm her down?
EB: I just told her she needed to take a seat because they were just gonna make her look real crazy. I was like, ‘You just need to chill out, girl. It is what it is; they’re not gonna change it. Just take a seat. You’re gonna look real crazy if you keep going.’

TVG: Let’s talk about your game a little bit. You really only tasted the block once if you don’t count finale. How did you manage to stay out of everyone’s crosshairs the entire game despite being an obvious physical threat?
EB: I’m able to build strong relationships with people very quickly, and I believe that’s what kept me in the game. And when I got the opportunity to make a move on someone, I took it — making the right moves at the right time. I tried to put myself in the best-case scenario in the final two so I didn’t have to win the comp, but as soon as Jill dropped out of the endurance one, I knew it wasn’t gonna be good.

TVG: Do you think people underestimated your intellect, assuming you were just another all brawn, no brains type when really you controlled the game?
EB: Oh, 100 per cent. I knew that they would, and I was going to [use] that to my full advantage. It was their own fault for keeping me in the game that long.

TVG: You talked about making big moves, and one of the biggest moves you made was getting Tom out of the game. Why did you decide to take him out first, ahead of Liza? And have you talked to Tom about it? Is he holding a grudge?
EB: No, no, I talked to Tom, and we’re all good. It got to a point where I needed Liza gone, but, at the same time, Tom was protecting her; he was kind of a shield for her. So in order for me to get to her, I had to get rid of the shield first. When it came down to it, I knew what had to be done, and it worked out good. Right after that it was straight on to Liza.

TVG: Take me back to Thursday night’s HOH, when Arisa announced that Gary won. First thought that pops into your mind?
EB: As soon as I heard Gary won, I was like, ‘Well, I played as best I could and that’s it.’ I knew he wasn’t gonna keep me because he didn’t have a chance. As I say, it is what it is, and you can’t look back and be mad. You can only just try to give yourself the best opportunity to win.

TVG: So you didn’t buy his lies about Jillian being liked in the jury house?
EB: No, he always said that crap, and I tried to go along with it as best I could. I even tried to tell him yesterday that I was gonna try to throw the HOH because I couldn’t do it to her. I was trying to get him to back off on it. But he won it and got the opportunity to send me home, [and] he took it.

TVG: Now that you’ve had some sleep and some time to digest, have you forgiven Gary for turning on you?
EB: Like I say, it’s a game. I’ll never hold grudges against any other housemates because we’re in there solely for our own purposes and to play our own games. If someone evicts you out of the house, it was to benefit them, and you have to understand that because you would’ve done the same thing. I’m not gonna say we’re all gonna be friends. You make certain friendships in the house you’re gonna keep, and there’s other friendships in the house that you don’t have to keep, and I’m not sure if that’s gonna be one [I keep].

TVG: Would you have taken Jill to final two?
EB: Oh, 100 per cent. At the end of the day, she was one of the huge reasons why I was there, and we worked so well together, so there’s nothing I wanted more than for us two to walk out hand-in-hand.

TVG: It seems like every time I saw you on-camera, you had a carton of chocolate milk beside you. How many litres of chocolate milk do you think you consumed this season?
EB: Oh, I think it was a lot of milk, man; I don’t even know. Probably, on average, at least two-and-a-half litres a day, times 71 [177.5 litres].

TVG: I bet you’ll never look at milk the same after you had to drink all those tall glasses and then barfed them right up.
EB: You know what? I had a glass of milk for supper that night. It doesn’t phase me. I grew up on the stuff, but, as I say, you can’t hold that stuff in your gut too long, especially not that much of it.

TVG: So what’s next for The Milkman?
EB: I don’t know. I guess there’s a lot of positive feedback about how I played the game, and I guess I’ve got quite a few fans, so we’ll just see what awaits me out there. As I say, I’m an opportunist, and I’ll take any opportunities that come my way.


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