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‘Revolution’ gets a little revolting

Waiting for the power to come on and the people to come out from under Monroe's thumb is just getting harder and harder, thanks to all the graphic violence.
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Anne Louise Bannon, May 7, 2013 10:57:15 AM

Ick, ick, ick! We started this week’s Revolution with throats getting slit and blood spurting, and ended up dealing with a bone that broke through skin. Yuck!

Revolution has always been on the violent side, but it seems to be getting grosser and grosser by the week. It’s almost as if the writers are getting kickbacks from the fake blood people. And the icky start was not helped by the fact that the story started in the middle again, as we flashed back to two days before.

There was a reason Miles and Monroe were such good buddies back in the day — they were both such stone-cold killers. So, the scene with Miles questioning a Militia solder he captured and then ordering his execution was meant to show that Miles is becoming like his old despotic pal.

Just to make Miles’s day even worse, Tom Neville showed up as a sworn officer of the Georgia Republic, bringing with him reinforcement troops Miles was expecting. Like Miles was going to trust Tom. Only he kind of had to because Monroe kidnapped a scientist to weaponize anthrax. Charming.

Speaking of Tom, Jason’s still got more than a few issues with his dad. Tom did not exactly help his cause when he blamed Jason for him having to escape the Militia and go to Georgia. Well, Monroe did kind of go after Tom when Jason ran off to join the rebels, but that wasn’t Jason’s fault. And if you’re trying to reconcile with someone, blaming them, justly or otherwise, for your troubles isn’t going to work well.

I will spot the writers a couple points for not dragging out the flashback part too long this week. And you gotta love Tom getting all snarky and saying he was going to stay on the ship while Miles and company went after Dr. Camp, the scientist doing the dirty work.

Next up we had Rachel and Aaron going on a fool’s errand to turn the power back on at The Tower. Problem was, they were  trying to get across the Plains Nation and things weren’t going so well there. Rachel wanted to trade for some food, but the Plains folks weren’t going for it, so she stole some. When the Plains leader caught up with her, it was time for some old-fashioned frontier justice. Too bad he didn’t check Rachel for a gun. She shot the guy and then she and Aaron took off running. But she fell! And then came the bloody bone.

We got another gross out scene after this, with Rachel screaming in agony as Aaron tried to set her leg. She told him to leave her and take the all-important journal to The Tower. Aaron refused, but you could sort of see her point — with a leg that messed up, she could very easily die, even if the bad guys didn’t catch up with them. Which they did, with a nasty fight scene.

Back on the boat, Tom continued trying to extend his usual diplomacy (meaning he didn’t). He stayed behind during the mission to go on one of his own, hoping to retrieve Camp’s family, who the Militia kidnapped to get Camp to work on the anthrax thing. Miles also refused to let Camp see his family because he wanted the doc to work on the anthrax for Georgia. Now, as Miles mentioned, there’s no penicillen in this world. So, is unleashing a deadly disease really that good an idea. I mean it would make sense if you had the penicillen and your enemy didn’t, but this does not appear to be the case.

The Militia caught up with the boat (they were supposedly doing a routine inspection), but Tom hid Camp and the Militia guys left, but not without getting a bribe or spotting Miles. Tom, for his part, drew his gun on Camp, so that if the Militia caught them, they wouldn’t get Camp back. Charlie, who was not very happy with the current tactics, drew on Tom. And, of course, Tom handled it with his usual grace and forbearance. OK, he slapped Charlie, which gave Miles the excuse he wanted to knock the stuffings out of the guy.

That didn’t help, though. With Charlie, Jason and Nora all peeved that Miles was channeling Monroe, they took over the other boat that had Camp’s family. It would have worked, too, but Tom woke up after being drugged too fast, then everything went to Hades, as a bunch of Militia started shooting at the boats from the land. Miles showed up just in time to come to the rescue.

But then we went to (presumably) The Tower, where Grace was working away on the computer. She got an elevator going and her guard decided that he wanted to see what was in the basement. He handcuffed her to the desk before he left, and you knew that what was coming next wasn’t going to be good. At least, there weren’t any screams and we didn’t have to see the blood spurting.

All in all, there was more blood flowing than not and, frankly, it doesn’t help the storytelling or the interest in the show. I don’t particularly like wincing my way through a program and it’s not necessary to get the point across.


Revolution airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on City/NBC.

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