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‘New Girl’: Happy Birthday, Winston!

Rob Reiner returns as Jess's father, while Jess and Nick cope with the morning after their rendezvous.
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Samantha Sobolewski, May 7, 2013 9:30:49 PM

Happy birthday to everyone’s least favourite member of the New Girl loft, Winston!

Now before any Winston lovers take offense to that comment, just remember that I simply adore every hilarious member of the loft and mean nothing malicious by it. But there’s got to be a bottom to the totem pole, and Tuesday’s episode of New Girl demonstrated this fact precisely.

For an episode titled “Winston’s Birthday,” there really wasn’t much Winston going on at all. Rather, the night was focused on the aftermath of “Virgins” and Nick and Jess coming to somewhat of a consensus on what sleeping together meant for their relationship. Of course, coming to such a consensus was plagued by a comedy of errors and one of the most unfortunately-timed moments: Jess’s dad, Bob (Rob Reiner), showing up in the loft just as Nick adorably finished kissing Jess’s shoulder, checking her pulse, and making her the world’s worst breakfast in bed of all-time (he’s a bartender, friends –it’s the thought that counts).

Between Nick entertaining Jess’s dad while she was at an impromptu teaching interview, and Jess trying to keep Cece’s day-before wedding problems at bay, there didn’t seem to be much time for talking about where to move forward with their relationship. Instead, Nick had plenty of time to run the mouth he can’t ever seem to keep shut, even without prompting (see: his “Menzies” one-sided park bench therapy sessions).

What was so nice about Nick’s interaction with Jess’s dad is that, although he was terrified of accidentally spilling the beans about his relationship, Nick was able to actually bond with the guy and find a fatherly figure in him. The moment was quite heartwarming. That is, until Nick took the plunge and decided to tell Bob he’d slept with his daughter.

Apparently the pair bonded so well because they are so alike, and because Bob knew a guy like himself wouldn’t be good enough for Jess, there was no way Nick could be good enough either. Doesn’t Bob realize Nick’s the captain of his own fate? If only he saw the little things the bartender did for his daughter, he’d never be dissing my main man Nick Miller again.

At this point, I was cursing the entire New Girl writing staff for going all the way with Nick and Jess before so suddenly yanking their relationship out from under me. Particularly with that totally inappropriate, yet amazing life speech Jess gave her students. But thankfully Jess and Nick pulled themselves together, decided to make their own decisions on their relationship, and ended with a sweet rooftop recreation of breakfast. I’ll be swooning over that one for days.

While the Nick and Jess saga raged on, Schmidt had to come to terms with not caring about what people think after being embarrassed by Elizabeth at the office. Although I was with him on wearing that disgustingly old shirt (only concert t-shirts should be owned for that long), he had to realize that being with Elizabeth meant no reservations, a concept the insecure Schmidt will have to embrace if he wants their relationship to work. One of my TVGC co-workers pointed out that she thinks Schmidt might end up getting fat again, and after this episode I could definitely see that happening.

Finally, poor Winston got his surprise party from his loft-mates. Well, actually he just crashed the dates between Jess and Nick, and Schmidt and Elizabeth, and thought it was a party. If that doesn’t scream least-liked loft-mate, I’m not sure what does.

New Girl giggles:

  • “I’m getting married tomorrow, and I look like Mike Tyson!” – Cece after sleeping on her henna tattoo (We’ve all been there in one way or another, girl.)
  • “Do you owe money on the rent?” – Bob’s reaction to Jess sleeping with Nick
  • The only thing better than an flashback of Fat Schmidt? Watching Fat Schmidt dancing to Shaggy.


New Girl airs Tuesdays at 8:58 p.m. ET on City and Fox.

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