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‘Hart of Dixie’ finale: Dr. Hart considers her options

Zoe chooses Wade over George again, while Gloriana performs at the Rammer Jammer.
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Rachel Harvey, May 8, 2013 9:11:58 AM

Tuesday night’s finale of Hart of Dixie, “On the Road Again,” was centred on the theme of love. Surprise, surprise. (This show is one shameless soap opera, and I’ll admit, that’s why I love it.) The central triangle of Zoe, Wade and George was out in full force, but sexy doctor Jonah added a new, er, angle.

In any season finale, we expect some sort of development that will make us gasp. After the past few episodes, I was sure it would be Zoe and George’s time to connect, finally. They’ve been square dancing around each other for weeks. Also, we knew George and Tansy wouldn’t be a “forever” couple, and it really did seem as if Zoe was done with Wade. But of course, Zorge’s timing was wrong again.

Seriously, why did Zoe have to go right back to sleeping with Wade? The dude cheated on her with some random because, as he explained, “[Zoe] saw more in [him] than [he] ever saw in myself, and [he] was scared that [he] couldn’t live up to that image.” What a lame excuse. Don’t get me wrong — I know things aren’t necessarily so cut and dry, and relationships are tricky. And it was nice to see Wade show his feelings for once. But that two-timer shouldn’t have a free pass to Zoeland yet!

Having said that, it is interesting that Zoe would choose to shack up with the Wadester when she is supposedly in love with George. Maybe Wade is “the one” for her after all, and she just needs some time to heal. The episode certainly left the possibility open, as Wade smiled and bid the doc farewell for the summer.

I’m not sure what to think about George going on tour with Lily Anne. He was clearly broken up about Zoe’s flip-flopping heart. And I don’t blame him, as Zoe has a knack for sabotaging his relationships, only to shun him when he’s finally single. She’s a real heartbreaker that Zoe Hart (I know, the pun is so tired, but it’s also so impossible to ignore). You know what? I hope that George meets someone fabulous on tour, and closes the door to his heart on Dr. Hart (last time, I promise).

Then there’s Jonah, the new complication. He’s ridiculously sexy and charismatic, and totally understands Zoe’s career and lifestyle. Conveniently, he’s now intrigued by Dr. Hart, too. It’s starting to seem like Zoe cooked up some sort of love potion the way these hunky men keep swooning over her. (And maybe it’s getting a little bit ridiculous?)

I’d love to see Hart single for more than a few months at a time in Season 3. I’d love to see her explore who she is without a hunky man pining for her affection, and put away The Single Girl’s Guide to Big Weddings and the whole “Why am I single?” attitude. Dr. Hart, you’re a kick ass doctor with a great future ahead of you. Stop being so narcissistic and live a little …on your own terms.

But then again, would I really watch a show without Wade, George and Jonah?

Other happenings

  • Lemon used her powers of persuasion to get country music act Gloriana to perform at the Rammer Jammer. Good business move for sure.
  • Lavon’s alligator, Bert ,was kidnapped by Mayor Gainey, but the Blue Bellians got the gator back — Ocean’s Eleven style. The best part about the heist was Annabeth’s driving.

Hart-felt quotes

  • “This, us, is a fantasy that we have just clung to. In reality, the person that you truly have feelings for is Wade.” – George to Zoe
  • “If I could just drink Zoe Hart off my mind, I’d be all better.” – George (Unfortunately, he chose to write a terrible song about it instead.)
  • “I am not getting involved with you again, Wade. Because you haven’t changed.” – Zoe to Wade
  • “If you will even consider giving me another chance, then I’m ready, I’m ready to be there for you …I love you, Zoe.” – The Wadester
  • Dash: “Does this mean the long-awaited debut of Zorge is about to happen?” George: “No.” Dash: “Well, does this mean that there’s still hope for the Zade fans out there?” Wade: “No comment.” (EPIC META MOMENT.)
  • “I think you need more time away from Bluebell than just the summer. Escape from your soap opera.” – Jonah to Zoe


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