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Casey’s got bad news for ‘Mindy’

Bill Hader guests as Mindy's ex, while Mindy and Casey face an uncertain future
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Eleni Armenakis, May 8, 2013 9:43:16 AM

It was only a matter of time. Anders Holm was on loan to The Mindy Project from Workaholics, which meant his character, Casey, could only be a temporary delight for Mindy, and us.

In Tuesday night’s “Frat Party,” Casey revealed to Mindy and her mentoree, Katie, that he’d finally gotten approval for his charity trip to Haiti. Mindy, true to form, got angry and then got hungry, but not before ending things with Casey (bit of a hasty decision, really, seeing as he’s only gone for a year).

Katie, who has clearly never basked in the joy of depressed-eating from the living room floor, suggested Mindy cheer herself up with a frat party. I can’t honestly think of a moment in my life where a frat party would be more of a pick-me-up than Tater Tots and sangria while nestled in the lush goodness of a spongey carpet, but then again, Katie is young.

Somehow, Mindy was swayed by Katie’s idea, but I suppose she does love a good party. The concept of Bring Your Own Cup was pretty cool, especially since Mindy was completely unprepared for it and spent the night sipping out of a lipstick cap. And she did take issue with the pole set up at the party to encourage the women to get up and dance (apparently with the accompanying payoff).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — Mindy is a fantastic character as she balances the fun, lighthearted stuff women do with a good grounding in self-respect and sense. This time, she got out of party mode, and got right on dismantling the pole. Things got off to a rocky start, with many mistakenly thinking she was putting on the worst show ever, but she somehow pulled the pole out of its bearings, making me doubt her claims about being out of shape.

Her victory was interrupted by a drunk Casey magically finding her at the party, and catching her in an awkward moment, as she inspected a bleeding brow piercing of her ex (SNL‘s Bill Hader). Cue a massive fight over Mindy, which managed to include using a foosball table as a form of facial torture. I think it’s safe to say there were no winners in this fight. Mindy and Katie ended up carrying the passed out and wounded Casey home, although Katie did learn that it pays to be picky about men.

I’m still a bit confused about Casey. I guess his closest parallel would be Patrick in Saved!, but it’s hard to say if he’s complex, or just randomly two-dimensional. It would have been great for him to stick around so I could continue to mull this over, but I’m still waiting to see if there will be a send-off for Casey, or if he’ll just vanish after this episode. I’m also starting to feel for Mindy. This is the second guy that’s suddenly left the country on her!

Back at the office, Danny was not taking well to being called “Guuuurrrlll!” by the new nurse, and convinced Jeremy they had to do whatever they could to get Morgan back. Their attempt to buy him back, and so did the therapeutic puppy bribe. I don’t know about Morgan, but I would have a baby just for the chance to snuggle that dog.

Danny ultimately won Morgan over gain by defending him during the fight at the frat house, which ended up being extra important since Morgan had tucked my new birthing partner in his shirt.

Top quotes:

  • Jeremy: “What happened to the picture of your father?” Danny: “That was my mother!”
  • “He looks like the villain in a National Lampoon movie.” – Mindy, describing Casey
  • “No one calls Haiti a party island.” – Casey to Mindy


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The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on City/Fox.

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Eleni Armenakis

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