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‘Continuum’: Emotional fireworks

Kiera struggled with inner demons, while Betty made a deal with the devil.
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Greg David, May 27, 2013 12:00:48 AM

Kiera Cameron had one heck of a bad day on Sunday’s episode of Continuum.

Written by Simon Barry, “Second Opinion” traded in bullets and explosions for emotional bombshells that delivered all episode long. It began with Kiera recalling that the day was Sam’s birthday, and that he’d be wondering why his mother wasn’t around for it. Already down in the dumps, things got worse when Inspector Dillon was fired (No!) and a Inspector Harris took over (Boo!). With the help of Agent Gardiner (Boo! Hiss!), Harris was bent on uncovering the mole inside the precinct who had tipped off Travis and allowed him to plan his prison transfer escape.

With all cell phones confiscated and the office in lock-down, Harris and Gardiner began their verbal attack on Kiera, questioning who she really worked for and insinuating she was a member of Liber8. Things came to a head when Gardiner caught Kiera playing with a toy soldier of Sam’s and took it away from her. Enraged, she attacked the CSIS agent.

That activated Kiera’s suit, which presented her with a digital therapist who shut down her powers, weapons and communication with Alec. She would, he announced, have an hour to prove she could keep her emotions in check or he’d wipe her memory of things that caused her stress. Like Alec. And Sam.

Meanwhile, techno-wiz cop Betty had her own problems. She admitted to Kiera that she had attended a Liber8 meeting at Dillon’s request, the computer evidence of which would make Harris and Gardiner think she was a member of the terrorist group. They did, and hauled the crying cop away.

With time ticking down on Betty’s fate and Kiera’s memories, Kiera had to convince her therapist that she — and he — were in 2013. In the end, he provided her with an emotional moment with a digitized Sam. As Kiera unleashed all of her pent-up guilt at leaving him behind, it was a powerful scene packed with tears and frustration. And it got her reinstated.

Her suit up and running, Kiera went invisible and moved around the precinct, picking up coffee cups and using a USB key to delete the sensitive files from Betty’s hard drive, thus uncovering the Trojan horse virus embedded by Liber8 that framed Betty.

Now reinstated, Betty got a lot more interesting when we met her after-work ride, Liber8 member Lucas. Betty’s the mole and a member of Liber8? Boo! Hiss!

Other notes:
• How cool was that birthday gift Sam got, where toy soldiers came to life and reenacted a colonial and rebel battle? Fingers crossed that stuff becomes a reality and I’m alive long enough to enjoy it.
• There was a Seinfeld-esque scene where Kiera ran out of toilet paper at work and stallmate Harris spared her a square.
• “Dr. Feelweird cut us off?” — Alec, after Kiera’s therapist stepped in and severed her communications with Alec
• “It’s the year 2013, and they use these to dry their hands!” — Kiera, trying to prove to her therapist that she is in 2013 by presenting him with paper towels
• I’m enjoying Larry’s increased presence on the show, but I can’t help but think he’s going to end up being a bad guy. Alec needs to watch his back.


Continuum airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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