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‘Vineyard’ pursuits

Jon continues to pursue Katie despite Luis’ warnings, while Jackie tries to get Luis’ attention by planning a surprise birthday party for him
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Isabelle Khoo, July 31, 2013 8:02:08 AM

Drama can find you wherever you are, even on an island. While this may seem like common sense, it’s definitely something you don’t realize until it’s actually happening. At least that’s how Katie came to this realization on Tuesday night’s episode of The Vineyard.

“Loose Lips Sink Ships” picked up right where last week’s premiere left off: the morning after the first bonfire. Emily woke up on the couch and went to her room to talk to Sophi. The girls immediately began recounting the events of the previous night, highlighting the fight between Jon and Luis. Funnily enough, Ben interrupted by coming into the room looking for his shirt. And did I mention he was doing up his belt in the process? Sophi explained they were just having an “innocent sleepover.” Sure Sophi, sure!

Meanwhile, Luis and Jon each found Katie at some point in the day to apologize for the fight. Jon, however, attempted to further his relationship with her in the process. After Katie got off work, Jon conveniently passed by her walking home and offered to give her a lift. After much hesitation, Katie agreed. Unfortunately, instead of driving home, Jon drove to a secluded part of the beach. At first Katie was not impressed, but who wouldn’t be put in a good mood by the beautiful ocean at sunset? They then had a friendly conversation about where they were in life and Jon told Katie about his career ambitions. (Can you believe this guy is a pre-med student?) It was nice to see that Jon could actually be a sweetheart and that he wasn’t a total douchebag after all.

Unfortunately, Jon quickly reverted back into douchebag mode when he attempted to kiss Katie at the club that night, after having a less than two-minute conversation with her. An immediate WTF expression crossed her face and she pushed him away before storming off. The following day Katie found Luis to explain what happened and how she even tried calling her boyfriend Matt after the incident, but there was no answer. Luis subtly poured his heart out: “If I was your boyfriend, I would be talking to you every night before you went to sleep and every morning when you woke up.” Luis told Katie she deserved the best.

If you ask me, the whole Luis-Katie situation is starting to sound like a parallel to the Ross and Rachel scenario on Friends. Even Luis’ subtle confession is somewhat reminiscent of when Ross told Rachel that she deserved better than Paolo. I’m interested to see if there will be any more Ross and Rachel echoes in the Luis-Katie relationship this season.

Meanwhile, another sort-of love triangle was forming. This time it was between Ben, Sophi and Cat. Ben went to pick up Sophi at work where Cat was her supervisor. Cat saw Ben and assumed he was there to see her (as did I), but not before Sophi — overly excited and bubbly — ran over to Ben. Things got awkward, but oh so amusing, when Sophi started to introduce Ben to Cat like they didn’t know each other. “I know who Ben is,” was all Cat could muster before she stormed off. This incident then caused Sophi to ask what the deal was between them. Ben admitted that they had hooked up before, but that was it. When asked if he still had feelings for Cat, Ben’s only response was, “it’s complicated.” Yikes. More awkwardness ensued.

And finally, the episode ended with Luis’ surprise birthday party, which was all Jackie’s idea. I find Jackie slightly annoying, but only because her behaviour seems a little childish. She tells Gabby that Luis isn’t just a summer crush. To my knowledge, Jackie has just met him and they’ve only had a few conversations. I’m not really sure how her deep feelings could have developed that quickly unless she’s going with the “love at first sight” theory. And did she forget that it’s only Day 2 on the island?

Anyway, Luis was completely surprised by the party and had no clue that his friends were planning anything. Luis was in such a good mood that he told Jon he would be the bigger man and wouldn’t fight with him that night. Luis didn’t realize that Jackie was the one who had organized his surprise party, until Cat told him. Consequently, Luis went over to thank Jackie and give her a hug, but as he leaned in she went for a kiss. Luis instantly had an “oh crap!” expression on his face and read as if to say, “What do I do now?” Unfortunately for him, everyone saw the kiss, even Katie. Katie’s reaction was a mix of stun and dismay.

I really didn’t want the episode to end at that point. I wanted to see what the rest of Luis’ reaction was to that kiss and how he would handle the situation, considering his obvious feelings for Katie. I guess I’ll have to count down the days until next week before my curiosity will be satisfied. Only six more days to go!

Quotes from the Grape-‘Vine’
• “We’re a bunch of cute girls. Some guy will let us rent his boat for the night for sure.” — Emily, on finding a place for Luis’ party
• “I’m not a homewrecker.” — Luis to Cat regarding his feelings for Katie
• “Expect to sleep on the couch tonight.” — Jon to Luis, thinking he can score with Katie
• “She’s gonna eat me!” — Sophi, on Cat’s hatred for her
• “That was a little more than I expected.” — Luis’ response to Jackie’s kiss

The Vineyard airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC Spark.

After that kiss from Jackie, what do you think Luis will do? Sound off via the links below!




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