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Emotional roller coasters on ‘Chicago Fire’

Things heated up between Hadley and Severide on Tuesday's episode.
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Amber Dowling, October 9, 2013 8:01:18 AM

Welcome to “Defcon 1,” which was not only the title of Tuesday night’s instalment of Chicago Fire, but also an appropriate way to describe the impending situations all of the characters seemed to find themselves in.

This season we’ve seen everyone trying to balance their professional and personal lives a little bit more, even if their personal lives happen to be working a second job. For Casey, that means continuing his attempt at fathering two emotionally wrecked boys, who lost their dad and now have lost their mom, too. Watching him balance it all, while the kids get into fights at school and deal with abandonment issues has been sad, and not only because of the actual situation everyone is in but also because we know Casey gets attached. What happens when Heather does get out of jail? Those two have had romantic tension in the past, and for Casey to maintain such an important role in the kids’ lives, I think that might be explored a little bit down the line. Which means bad news for Casey and Dawson fans. Again.

And poor Dawson could use a little happiness. Watching her save Casey at the boys’ school pretty much solidified what we all know — that they should be together — but it was still heartbreaking to learn about Jay’s betrayal. We knew something was up with him after he snuck into the cash register last week, but until the “previously on Chicago Fire” bit on Tuesday, I don’t think anyone saw him being linked to Arthur and his one per cent.

Things continued to go south for Severide, too, as he attempted to call out Hadley as the arsonist. I know the guy wears his heart on his sleeve and feels the need to fix every situation for himself, but it was just painful to watch him attack Hadley in front of a fire while onlookers filmed the entire exchange on their cell phones. That’s going to come back to haunt him, especially with Gail and tattletale Clarke trying to take down Firehouse 51 at every chance.

On the lighter side, Mouch finally got the 200 signatures he needed thanks to political adviser wannabe Isabella, who also set her sights on Peter (with Dawson’s blessing, of course). I’m looking forward to seeing more of Mouch’s campaigning, and finding out whether Peter is actually over Dawson the way he claims he is. Those two were cute, even if it was just puppy love.

We also had semi-shenanigans from Otis and Cruz, and I only say semi because Gail shut down the cinnamon challenge, forcing Otis to improvise with saltines instead. The two competed for the third bedroom at Shay and Severide’s new abode in an attempt to cure their loneliness, with Cruz ultimately throwing in the towel after the server he had been trying to cozy up to for weeks threw one glance in Severide’s direction and headed home with him instead. Insert sad face here.

From the Fire:

  • Michelle Forbes is SO good at playing bad, isn’t she? Every time she comes into the Chief’s office I actually tense up, wondering what decency she’s going to shut down next.
  • With so much going on, Shay didn’t have much to do on Tuesday, but I’m hoping things with her and her new realtor friend pick back up next week.
  • Fun fact: Taylor Kinney actually became scuba certified for the stunt in which Severide attempted to save a man from drowning in his car. It was the only way production would let him do it.
  • Not-so-fun fact: My stomach was churning at how gross those nails were in that guy’s arm. A even though I knew the girls were just cutting the beam around him with that saw, I could barely watch.


Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Global and NBC.

What did you guys think of “Defcon 1?” Sound off below.

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