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‘Grimm’: Zombified Nick kicks butt

The Scooby Gang desperately search for Nick, who eluded capture to create chaos in roadside bars.
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Greg David, October 26, 2013 12:00:31 AM

I’ve been waiting for Grimm‘s Nick to show some physical strength attributed to being a Grimm for two seasons. Season 1 is a bit of a blur for me — I binge-watched it last summer over one weekend — but I assumed that being a Grimm involved having some fighting skills and the ability to chuck bad guys around in addition to being able to see who’s really a Hexenbiest. After all, the beasts and baddies are afraid of him, so I figured he could kick some serious ass.

On Friday’s Season 3 return, I saw plenty of the physicality I’ve been craving. Of course, it came while Nick was a zombie, so I’m not sure if it will stick.

“The Ungrateful Dead” debuted with a quick rehash of the events of the season finale: Nick had green goo spit in his eyes by Baron Samedi and was placed in a coffin by Eric. The box was on the way to an unknown destination. Meanwhile, Scooby Gang members Monroe, Juliette, Hank and Rosalee were tasked with searching for Nick while eluding the masses of undead chasing them.

I had erroneously assumed that Nick was going to be placed on a container ship — Portland is on a river that empties into the Pacific Ocean after all — but he was instead secreted away to an airstrip. And, before Renard and Hank could stop it, his plane took off for Europe. But before the plane got anywhere near exiting U.S. airspace, Nick awoke from his slumber. He went into full-on Hulk mode while under the influence of the goo, punching his way out of the locked metal coffin and putting a major hurt on Baron Samedi and his mouthful of poison. Nick’s rage caused the airplane to crash just outside of the city, with the Grimm being the only obvious survivor.

Sporting torn clothes and horrible, bruised-looking purple eyes, Nick growled his way into a roadside dive bar where no one questioned his appearance. Apparently, scratched-up fellows with bad attitudes drop by for a pint nightly. Our possessed hero proceeded to tear the joint up, fracturing tables and chairs and sending burly men flying. Those few spare moments of pure violence were cathartic to a Grimm viewer like me. Like I said, I wanna see Nick throw his weight around.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see some more of that. By the time Juliette et. al. appeared at the scene of barroom carnage, Nick had vacated the scene and was on the run.

As for the rest of Portland, Rosalee and Monroe’s cure for zombieism — is that even a word? — was made into a gas form so that it could be used on a massive scale. While the rest of the city still has pockets of zombies in them, those on the docklands have been cured.

The other main storyline of “The Ungrateful Dead” was a little yawnworthy. Adalind is still trying to get her Hexenbiest abilities back, and was going to great lengths to do it. Under the tutelage of Stefania, Adalind cut the hands and feet off an old lady, and buried them, alongside the woman’s still-beating heart, in a hole dug with a shovel fashioned from a skeletal hand. The hole was located in a field of poppies, of which hundreds died after the hole was filled in. When we last left Adalind, she had to pick all the dead flowers.

I feel like Stefania is just stringing Adalind along. And I’d rather see more of the Scooby Gang and Nick. How about you?


Grimm airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV and NBC.

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