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Win a Hemlock Grove Prize Pack with TV Guide Canada and Netflix

Win a Netflix Canada prize pack with TV Guide Canada
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Amber Dowling, April 22, 2013 12:00:01 AM

Win a Netflix Hemlock Grove Prize Pack


The ³Win a Netflix Hemlock Grove Prize Pack contest!²
(hereafter ³Contest²) is organized by ³TVGuide.ca²­ property of TC Media
G.P. (³TC²). It starts on ³April 22, 2013² and closes on ³April 26, 2013²
at ³11 :59 pm² (EDT). Any reference to time in this document indicates
Eastern Daylight saving Time (EDT).


The Contest is open to all residents of Canada, excluding the province
of Quebec (and is governed by Canada law) who have reached the age of
majority in the province in which they reside by the start date of this
contest as identified above, with the exception of the employees, agents
and/or representatives of TC, its distributors or affiliated companies,
advertising agencies or any contributor to the Contest, as well as anyone
with whom an employee, agent and/or representative is domiciled or any
member of his or her immediate family. For these official rules,
³immediate family² refers to the father, mother, brothers, sisters,
children, husband, wife or partner of such an employee, agent and/or
representative. Entry is limited to one per day.


Registration: Log on to and go to the TV Guide Canada
profile page. Entrants must be a follower of @TVGuideCanada and re-tweet a
selected message from the @TVGuideCanada account. You will then be entered
in the Contest. You can enter the Contest until ³April 26, 2013² ³23:59″.

Each entrant whose Entry Form will have been randomly selected will be
contacted by TC; before the obtainment of the Prize and as essential
condition to its obtainment, such entrant will have to sign a contest
release form sent to the entrant upon selection. Contest release forms
must be signed and returned within 5 business days of initial sending.
Such entrant will be declared a winner (each such winner shall be
hereafter collectively or individually referred to as ³ Winner ² subject
to every other condition stipulated in the present rules and regulations)

Each entrant can only use one e-mail address (which must be valid) to
enter via the Electronic Entry form. One (1) Electronic Entry per day per
person for the duration of the Contest. The same e-mail address cannot be
used by more than one entrant. No purchase necessary.


³One² (1) winner will be awarded the following; One (1) Hemlock Grove
Prize Pack, which includes One (1) streaming device; One (1) six months
subscription to Netflix Canada; One (1) blanket; One (1) tee. Total prize
value of $170.00 Canadian dollars (hereinafter the ³Prize²).

TC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to replace the Prize with
another of a comparable value or with the Prize value in money if it is
not possible to award it to the Winner as described in paragraph 4 above
for any reason.


Among all the Entry Forms received by the server hosting the Web site, one (1) random draws will be conducted on ³April 29, 2013²
at ³12:00², at the offices of TC located at 25 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite
100, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6S7, Canada for the Prize.


To be declared winner, the entrant whose Entry Form is randomly chosen
for the Prize must respect the entry and eligibility conditions stipulated
in this document. Failure to respect one or several of these conditions
means the winner will be disqualified and another random draw will be
conducted to choose another winner.

Limit of one prize per person.

TC will contact the Winners by telephone and/or e-mail. In the event
that the TC cannot contact the selected entrant of one or several of the
draws for whatever reason within forty-eight (48) hours following the
draw, TC will conduct as many draws as necessary from the Entry Forms to
find a Prize winner.

To claim his/her prize, a Winner must fill in and sign a Declaration of
Compliance and a full Liability Release (hereafter ³Form²) that will be
sent to him by mail and/or courier and/or fax and/or e-mail by TC and
return it filled in and signed within five (5) business days of receiving
it. In the event that the Form is not signed and returned within the time
limit, TC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to conduct or not as
many draws as necessary to award the Prize. If TC decides not to conduct a
new draw, the Prize will simply not be awarded.

Should the Winner be unable to print the Form correctly, the Winner
will have to contact TC at the telephone number indicated in the email
received from TC describing the Prize. TC reserves the right to hold on to
the Prize and to refuse to allow the Winner in the event if the Winner is
unable or refuses to hand in the duly signed Release Form.

Upon receipt of the Form, TC will inform the Winner by e-mail and/or by
mail and/or by phone and/or by messenger of all the details related to how
the Winner will receive the Prize.

TC, its respective companies and divisions and any other moral person
of its corporate group, its affiliated broadcast distributors, advertising
and promotional agencies and their respective shareholders,
administrators, executives, employees and agents, as well as any
contributor to the Contest, (hereafter called ³Release recipients²) are
not responsible for matters regarding the Prize or the Contest and provide
no guarantee for either.

The Prizes must be accepted as awarded and cannot be transferred
without the prior written agreement of TC, substituted with another prize
or exchanged in whole or in part for money. Should TC for reasons out of
its control and not related to the Winner, not be able to award the prize
as described in the present document, TC reserves the right to award a
similar prize (or a portion of the prize) of equal value or, at its sole
discretion, the value of the prize indicated in this present document (or
a portion of the prize) in money.

TC shall not be held liable in any case where its inability to act
results from a fact or situation beyond his control or from a strike,
lock-out or any other labour dispute in his facilities or in the
facilities of the organizations or companies whose services are used in
the course of holding this Contest.

By entering this Contest, the Winner authorizes TC, if required, to use
his name, photograph, place of residence, voice, image and (or)
declaration regarding its prize for advertising purposes without any form
of remuneration. Moreover, the Winner agrees to permit his name and town
of residence to be broadcast on ³tv channel² and (or) on the Contest
Internet page without any form of remuneration.

The Release recipients shall not incur any responsibility for
incomplete or incomprehensible name and addresses from Contest entrants.
TC reserves the right to reject any Entry Form that is incomplete,
illegible or mutilated or that contains a human or mechanical error and to
proceed with the selection of another Entry Form.

Any Entry Form and any attempt at entering using electronic, computer
or other means which are contrary to the spirit of the Contest or to the
Contest rules (e.g., computer pirating, mass emailing, etc.) will be
automatically rejected and may be referred over to the appropriate
judicial authorities. Any automated entries will be noticed and rejected.

The Release recipients are not in any way responsible for any problem
including, but without being limited to, the technical malfunction of any
telephone network or lines, any other problem resulting directly or
indirectly in a virus, bug or technical failure following the sending of
e-mails to TC for any reason including, but without being limited to,
traffic congestion on the Internet network or on the Web site or a
combination of both. TC and Release recipients are not responsible for any
damage done to computer equipment following entering the Contest. The
Release recipients will not be held responsible for any damage or problem
due to a lost of signal or a technical failure occurring during the
broadcast and/or signal reception from tv channel. TC and other Release
recipients are not responsible for any problem that could prevent the
proper conduct of the Contest in accordance with the rules established
herein including, but without restricting the generality of the above, or
the postponement of the Contest or promotion of the Contest.

The decisions made by TC are final and without appeal.

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Amber Dowling

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