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Alexis Honce

Alexis Honce

Bundle up! How to pick the perfect winter coat

From the heavy duty winter workhorse to the stylish urban stunner, stylist Alexis Honce shows us how to buy a winter coat we’ll love all season long!
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The Loop, November 5, 2013 5:58:37 PM

As much as we wish we didn’t need them, Canadians need winter coats. Often times it can be really difficult or overwhelming knowing what to look for when you finally have to shop for one – after all, there are varying degrees of cold. Here are four key coats that will keep you covered all winter long.

Heavy-duty down

If you buy only one winter coat this season, make sure you pick one that will keep you warm on the coldest of days. The first thing you want to look for in a jacket is to see if it’s filled with down feathers. Down will act like insulation to keep your body warm, but you won’t overheat while wearing it. This is the most important feature to consider when you’re picking your extreme-weather winter coat. Look for a jacket that hits you mid-thigh to get more coverage and be sure to pick it in a neutral colour, like black or navy. This way you’ll get a lot more wear out of it. Try to find a jacket that has a drawstring waist: it will help make your jacket fit snuggly while keeping the cold out and heat in.

Our pick: The North Face Women’s Anyu Parka available at Sporting Life

Sporty puffer

A puffer jacket is a great transitional piece that can take you from late fall weather right through the winter months. If you’re looking to buy a puffer-style jacket, look for one that’s really thin and filled with down so you can layer it as the weather changes. Be sure it has a similar fit to a hoodie, which is a slim fit with a zipper enclosure for easy wear. You can try layering this jacket with a windbreaker shell over top for extra weather-proof protection.

Our picks: Canada Goose Hybridge Puffer paired with Arc’teryx Women’s Tempest Jacket available at Sporting Life

Elegant alpaca

Winter is one of the busiest times of year for events such as holiday and dinner parties, so you’re going to need a jacket that will keep you looking stylish while also keeping you warm. For a sophisticated winter coat, look for a cashmere or alpaca blend, which are durable, wrinkle-resistant organic fibers. They’re perfect to wear to the office around the city. Try on one in grey, the colour works great with numerous skin tones and lightens your winter look. Keep the look polished with a jacket style with minimal design and a tailored fit, making sure the hemline stops right above the knee. Be sure to hang this jacket carefully when not wearing it to prevent it from losing its shape and be sure to dry clean it after each winter season’s worth of wear.

Our pick: Sentaler Long Hooded Princess Coat

Cool city coat

One of the biggest fabrics seen on the winter runways is leather. A dual-fabric coat, like this Danier coat with leather sleeves, creates gorgeous texture. The leather sleeves give it a durable, edgy feel, while the wool body keeps the cold away. It’s a great coat to have for the weather when the temperature hovers just above zero degrees and the lightness and versatility of it is great for when you’re on the go.

Our pick: Danier Colette wool and leather jacket

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