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Rad hemp beauty products to celebrate 420

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate 420, these hemp beauty products have won over our hearts.
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Rema Gouyez, April 19, 2013 12:39:37 PM

Okay, let’s be blunt (no pun intended): Hemp is a product that’s derived from the marijuana plant, but its uses are way less psychedelic than the drug is famous for.

You can reap the benefits of the marijuana stalk by adding it to your daily breakfast routine. Don’t fancy eating it? The hemp oil is one of the best moisturizers around and can offer a deep softness for super-dry skin.

Here are some of our favourite hemp products, so you can enjoy marijuana the legal way this weekend (though there are some legal places to smoke it):

1. Eat it. Beauty is best achieved from the inside out. I’ve recently acquired the obsession of sprinkling hemp seeds on my yogurt in the morning for an extra boost. They’re packed full with protein and a healthy serving of omega-6 fatty acids, too. There’s nothing better than getting a dose of nutrients the natural way, right? I love these Hemp Hearts, straight from Canadian soil. Home grown in Manitoba, you’ll feel even better that this nutritional addition to your diet didn’t have to go far to get to you!

2. On your hands. One of my absolutely favourite beauty products of all time is The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream. When I first purchased it I couldn’t help but giggle at the huge marijuana leaf on the packaging but my goodness is this line of products incredible. My favourite is the Hemp Hand Protector. Loaded with community trade hemp seed oil the smell of it reminds me of Christmas for some reason. It features a high concentration of fatty acids which will actually help to repair your skin’s moisture barrier. So your skin will be smoother and softer in the short and long run!

3. Cover your body. Nothing makes you feel cleaner than a minty fresh feeling in the shower and the Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Wash will give you that ‘ahhhh’ feeling every time you use it. Loaded with 100% pure and natural hemp seed oil it carries the savoury scents of rosemary and mint. You’ll be left with the softest of clean skin but also feel that cooling tingle to wake you up in the morning.

4. Kissable lips. I love a lipbalm that taste’s good enough to eat. The North American Hemp Co. stock a delicously sweet Green Apple Lip Balm that’s bursting with organic hemp seed oil so those natural properties will keep those peckers super-soft during the weather transition in to spring, just try not to eat it all.

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Rema Gouyez

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