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5 ways to smell like roses without attracting bees

Rose products are making a comeback in the beauty world and here are a few funky ways to add the flower to your beauty routine.
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Rema Gouyez, May 6, 2013 12:05:02 PM

If you think the simple, floral scent of rose is reserved for your grandmother, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses. With these frugal beauty finds, you can add the shade or scent in your beauty routine with ease.

In the shower 
If you’re afraid of delving into the floral world of rose, then this body wash is the perfect entry level. A soft, clean smell engulfs your senses, but it’s the lingering touch of femininity that Yardley’s Rose Body Wash leaves behind that’ll get you hooked. Did I mention that once your done, your washroom is left smelling like a Queen’s garden?

On your shirts
Despite what you may think, the long-ago loved talcum powder is totally making a come back in beauty. A neat trick to keep you smelling and feeling fresh as the temperatures rise, is to turn your shirt inside out to sprinkle some of the powder on your fabric. This will make sure that your skin doesn’t stick to your clothes and mark them with sweat. Best of all, it means that you’ll be smelling delightful to those that are closest to you. Baylis and Harding’s Rose & Honeysuckle Talc will look good on your dressing table and smell good on your bedsheets too!

In your hair
Some days you just want to go wild and feel an intense urge to die your hair a different colour. Right? But for those of us who know we’ll regret it shortly after, Splat have released a set of hair chalks to help us cheat. These little compacts of powdered colour are surprisingly pigmented and the Dusty Rose shade even showed up on my dark hair. Get super fierce streaked waves or even a colourful ombre look without the commitment!. Just be sure to set the colour in with your best hairspray.

On your pout
Lancome’s Rouge in Love Lipsticks offer a luxurious formula with a silky, but high pigmented finish. Yep, it’s pretty much the dream lipstick. The shade Corail in Love is the perfect hue of rosy pink with a hint of coral for a bright look that’s perfect for the upcoming sunshine.

On your skin
There’s nothing like a good face mask that relaxes you and makes you feel like you’re pampering yourself, but this mask is on another level. Fresh’s Rose Face Mask contains real rose petals in a hydrating gel that’s so delectable you’ll want to slather it all over your body. The mask is infused with pure rosewater and around two and a half rose flowers per jar. Pretty rad, right? It works to improve the tone and appearance of the skin but just so happens to smell heavenly in the process.

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Rema Gouyez

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