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What you need to know about skincare oil

Oil can actually be good for you skin if it's the right kind. Re-educate yourself with tips from Cake Beauty president and founder Heather Reier.
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Vanessa Grant, October 23, 2013 4:24:49 PM

How long have you been avoiding oil in your beauty products? While some of us have been happily moisturizing with oil for a few years (or decades, depending on how in-the-know you are), many have yet to experience the wonderful world of oils for fear of making skin, well, oilier.

Well, fear not! The right kind of oil is an essential part of having healthy and beautiful skin (and hair), according to president and founder of Cake Beauty Heather Reier, who has just launched a new line of oil products called Inca Oil Extraordinaire.

“The benefits of facial oil are universal, and can be used by all skin types,” says Reier. But she warns that consumers should pay close attention to the ingredients in the skincare oil of their choice, especially if they have sensitive skin. Cake Beauty’s rejuvenating oil is free of parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, GMOs, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten and triclosan.

The line uses inca inchi oil, which Reier says is a ground-breaking ingredient that holds the highest plant based concentration of omegas 3, 6, and 9 in the world, offering benefits like increased cellular renewal, superior hydration and the repair of collagen and elastin.

How to use facial oil
“I recommend applying Cake Beauty’s new rejuvenating oil in one of two ways,” says Reier.

• Apply a small drop into your palm, work between hands and pat this gently onto a freshly cleansed face

• Or, if your skin tends to be on the dry side, a small drop of our rejuvenating oil can be added to your favourite moisturizer. Blend this in the palm of your hand and gently massage onto the face.

• Your skin will instantly be more radiant, supple and hydrated.

• Facial oils can be applied in the morning or at night.

“Facial oils are an unparalleled resource for achieving skin hydration,” says Reier.

And now the question on naysayers’ minds: Does skin oil leave skin oily?
Reier says: “Absolutely not. When combating oily skin, beauty enthusiasts can sometimes steer towards products that strip the natural oils that are actually good for you. Skin will then begin to trigger the oil production and start to produce more oil to keep up with the dryness its feeling. Facial oils are actually one of the most beneficial ways to effectively hydrate an oily complexion. Our rejuvenating oil is blended with avocado oil, grape seed oil and buriti fruit oil to offer superior hydration to all skin types.”

Have you tried using rejuvenating skincare oils? Which facial oil is your favouirte?


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