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5 products that’ll make you look younger overnight

These five overnight beauty wonders work overtime to help you look younger in the morning.
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Jayne Heaton, January 29, 2014 4:19:31 PM

Easy beauty products that work their magic while you sleep? Yes, please. These five fabulous problem-solvers work overnight, so you can just slap them on, go to sleep, and wake up looking better.

The Goods:
Murad overnight soothing gel caviar alterna overnight hair mask

Murad Overnight Soothing Gel for Red, Irritated Skin: If your skin has a tendency to flare up every now and then due to allergens, acne or even stress, this overnight calming mask is for you. The calming gel feels cool on your skin and calms down any itching or stinging, and it packs active ingredients that will tone down redness as well as inflammation. Those ruddy-looking lumps and bumps will dissipate by the AM, and you’ll be back to your gorgeous self again. Find it at Sephora, $32.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue: This overnight hair treatment is so low-maintenance you’ll want to use it every night. No water needed, as you can apply this straight to dry hair where it absorbs almost instantly, so there’s no need to worry about messing up your sheets or pillows. It works overnight, repairing damaged hair and infusing it with moisture. In the AM, just shower and wash your hair as usual. The longer you use this product, the more silkier and healthier your hair will become. Find it at Sephora, $43.50.

overnight treatments Philosophy Soul Owner and Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth, Camu Camu Power C x 30, Vitamin C Brightening Sleep Mask: There’s nothing like a hit of vitamin C to give your skin a burst of brightness. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals and helps your skin appear more glowingly youthful. This formula helps to fade sun spots, freckles and those annoying leftovers from breakouts long gone. Apply it at night over your regular serum/moisturizer routine and your mornings will start to get brighter and brighter. Find it at Sephora, $68

Soul Owner by Philosophy: I can attest to the efficacy of this foot cream. It’s the best I’ve ever tried. The blend of salicylic and glycol acids really do a number on any calluses or dry patches your feet may have developed. For a totally effort-free solution that won’t cost you a pay cheque in pedicures, slather it on at bedtime and let it work its magic. After one night you’ll notice a major difference, and after a week? Perfection. Does anyone need a foot model? Find it at, $17.74overnight treatments Jurlique hand treatment duo

Julep Night Night Treatment Kit: Who doesn’t want to go to bed and wake up with soft hands, tidy cuticles and a suspicion that you may have been sleep-manicuring? Ok, this product won’t polish your nails for you, but it’ll tidy up your hands by keeping them moisturized and protected with heaps of beneficial oils, like green toffee bean oil and a slew of other antioxidants. The set includes a fast-absorbing hand-cream, and a serum to get all the concentrated goodness down into the deepest layers of the epidermis. Hands take a beating throughout our lives, and the skin on your hands tends to age much more quickly than on the rest of your body. Most of us already use an anti-aging cream on our faces, so why do we so often forget about our hands? Find this set at Sephora, $30

What are your nighttime beauty rituals? Tell us in the comments below.


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