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Love it or Rate it: Kelly Osbourne

Is she the voice of reason in Hollywood?
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Leia Smoudianis, April 25, 2013 11:31:00 AM

Kelly Osbourne has some wise words for those wanting to lose weight.

“I learned how to work out right and eat right, it’s one of those things that you just have to commit to a life change rather than being on a diet. Because a diet doesn’t work,” said the E! host. “So you just have to take baby steps, commit to something and stay true to it.”

“Everything has to be in moderation and to find that place is easier said than done,” she said. “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh it’s all about moderation!’ I’m like, well what are you going to do with a plate of french fries in front of you, moderate? No. You’re going to eat every single one of them!”

Agreed, fries are my nemesis.

Pretty pompadour

Osbourne attended an E! event this week and I’m surprised her fellow Fashion Police hosts didn’t stop her from wearing hideous, chunky white sandals. The navy dress is cute and her hair looks great, but those heels need to go.

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Leia Smoudianis

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