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Love it or Rate it: Rihanna

Only Rihanna can pull off gold sneakers.
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Leia Smoudianis, June 20, 2013 6:04:07 AM

Rihanna has a lot to be proud of. Countless hits, starring in films, several world tours and now at just 25-years-old, the Barbadian beauty has reached another milestone.

“London, we are making history right now. To play here at Twickenham to a sell-out crowd at 25 is incredible,” the singer told the audience at her UK show. And she wasn’t celebrating alone.

“This is the first time selling out Twickenham Stadium, and do you know what? My mum and dad and brothers are all here!”

Her family aren’t her only fans. Fellow musician Kylie Minogue and model Cara Delevingne both praised the singer after her show.

All month Rihanna has been spotted in Europe and just a couple weeks before her sold out concert she was seen strolling on the Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore in Paris. The singer was decked out in Chanel including a blazer, a cuff and necklace which she paired with a high-waisted white skirt and gold sneakers. It’s a look only Rihanna can pull off!

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Leia Smoudianis

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