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Sheets that’ll make you want to stay in bed all day

If you think about it, your pillow is in contact with your face probably longer than your makeup.
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Jillian Harris, April 26, 2013 9:45:48 AM

We spend so much money on clothes, beauty products, makeup, and basically everything that touches our skin. And when its bedtime, we put on that minuscule dollop of night cream. Do you know how expensive that is? Anyway, we pay it and don’t even think twice. It makes me wonder: Why are we not spending more time and more money getting the best quality bedding? We spend a third of our life lying on it, we put our face in direct contact with it, but somehow, we completely ignore this part and settle for cheap linens.

I love my bed – it’s my second favorite place in the home, right after the kitchen. And I just found the best linens that I’ve ever experienced.

What is it?

The most beautiful and luxurious bed linens I’ve ever had: Bella Notte Linens

Why I love it?

They are soft, luxurious and when you feel them, it makes you want to jump right in bed – and believe me, you will notice the difference immediately!

Where to find it?

Have I told you about how Country Furniture rocks my world? Well, you can find these Bella Notte linens and so many more beautiful accessories and furniture in Country Furniture.

100Jillian Harris is an interior designer who first charmed us with her irrepressible humour on The Bachelor. She was a designer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and currently is a co-host on Love it or List it Vancouver. Jillian jets between the U.S. and Canada to run her firm Jillian Harris Design.

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Jillian Harris

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