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This new light bulb will blow your mind

With less consumption and way more options, the future is bright!
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Jillian Harris, May 13, 2013 10:55:36 AM

I’ve been dreaming about this concept and suddenly Phillips, out of the blue, shows up with it. And I am elated!

I am insanely exited about today’s rad find, because it makes me believe that we are looking toward a very bright future. I am talking about HUE – personal wireless lighting by Phillips. This is basically is a “smart bulb” that can let you control the colours, intensity, brightness and shade through an iPhone or an iPad. It also lets you re-create light settings based on your favourite photos, choose from expert light recipes to help you relax or concentrate, and even set timers to help you wake up and pace your day.

They are compatible with standard light sockets, so you can enjoy mood lighting pretty much anywhere. The lightbulb comes with modes such as flash, strobe, fade, and smooth

What is it? HUE-personal wireless lighting

Why I love it? Do I need to say more? These remote controlled, dimmable, multi-coloured LED lights use a 5-watt bulb (that’s 80 percent less power consumption than a regular bulb) and have a 10,000 hour lifetime.

Where to find it? These smart LED bulbs are available at Apple stores. A started pack, which consists of three HUE light bulbs, one HUE bridge, a power supply and a LAN cable to connect the HUE bridge to your router costs $200 CAD. A single HUE light bulb is $60 CAD

100Jillian Harris is an interior designer who first charmed us with her irrepressible humour on The Bachelor. She was a designer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and currently is a co-host on Love it or List it Vancouver. Jillian jets between the U.S. and Canada to run her firm Jillian Harris Design.

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