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Eden Bluestein

Eden Bluestein

New makeup trends to try this fall

From New York to Milan, Paris to London, Fall’s runways featured some fresh and exciting make-up trends. Straight off the catwalk - Eden Bluestein is breaking down the key looks for the season.
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The Loop, September 30, 2013 11:30:22 AM

Fall is a highly anticipated time for fashion and beauty enthusiasts. With runway shows from Milan to London, it’s a time when new looks, styles and trends emerge. Here are the top trends we can’t wait to try out for fall and winter 2013.

Trend #1: Sub-dewed skin
Subdued makeup is the perfect makeup trend to compliment all other looks we’ll see this season. It’s all about translucent matte and letting your natural glow and tone show through. Forget that chalky finish that we used to see – now it’s all about a fresh look that’s matte.

Makeup trends to try: Sub-dewed matte

Trend #2: Bold brows
For the past few years, natural brows have dominated fashion – talk about BROW POW! For this look, you’re really going to want to pay attention to grooming your brows. Aim for a rectangular shape. It’s all about natural beauty.

New makeup trends to try this fall: Brow power

Trend #3: Eyes with impact
With every season, there are always a few variations for eyes in terms of shape, colour and texture. This season we’re seeing several really easy trends to replicate. Instead of the traditional smokey eye, we’re seeing new colour combinations including crimson and cranberry, or entirely in greys. Another trend that isn’t slinking away just yet: the classic cat eye.

Trend #4: Layered up lips
Lip looks this season are all about layering, technique and playing with textures. Whether it’s dark and matte, bright and saturated, ombre or rich and translucent, you really can’t go wrong with experimenting with a look that suits your preference the best.

New makeup trends to try this fall: Colourful lips

What do you think of these trends? Would you try and of them this fall? Let us know in the comments below.

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