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Eden Bluestein

Eden Bluestein

4 easy make-up looks for fall

Just pick a feature, play it up and you're done! Make-up artist Eden Bluestein shows you how simple it is to incorporate fall’s hottest trends into your makeup routine!
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The Loop, November 7, 2013 5:58:40 PM

The summer is now long gone, so it’s time to transition your make-up routine to reflect the colder weather. Put away your summer brights and lightweight creams and get ready for rich and sumptuous fall make-up.

The look: Translucent matte face

For your skin this fall, the look is all about translucent matte, which moves away from a traditional powder foundation and more into a velvety finish that lets more of your natural complexion come through. The first step is to choose your foundation, like a mousse texture, which has a very velvety finish to it and has a lightweight feel. When you apply it, it will almost dissolve right into your skin.

The next step is to set your foundation with some finely milled loose powder. Dip your make-up brush into the product and brush it on to your skin with small circular motion. Using a sponge, buff it into your skin to blend and finish.

The look: Big, beautiful brows

Ladies, put down your tweezers and pick up your brow filler for this next look: big brows are back. To start, take a brow comb and comb your brows upwards. This will help you to assess the shape of your arch and figure out where you need to place the product.

Starting at the base of eyebrow, gently start to fill in over top the hairs. Keep in mind, the shape this season is more rectangular as opposed to a highly-arched brow. Once you’ve filled in with your product of choice, grab your brow comb and go back over the brow to both soften and diffuse the overall effect.

The look: Dark and dramatic lip

A dark lip is perfect for fall make-up. Pick a lip colour shade that you love and works for your skin tone. Using a make-up brush, gently start applying colour to the centre of your lower lip and work your way outwards. This method will help to create a soft, diffused edge as opposed to a hard line, which will soften the overall look and make it more wearable every day. Once your lower lip is finished, tackle the top, slowly filling in colour all the way around.

The look: The new smoky eye

If you love a traditional smokey eye, don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere! But it is getting an update. This season, try it in a colour, such as crimson, as opposed to monochromatic tones. Yes, it definitely is a bold choice when playing up your eyes, so take these tips into consideration when applying it.

You’re going to want to pack the colour on to the lid and carefully blend it up to the crease area for a more subtle effect. For your lower lid, pick a slightly darker shade and line your eye right up to the lash line, giving some additional length and definition. Finish off your look with mascara on your lashes.

If you’re applying colour to your lips when going for this look, pair your colourful eye with a nude lip to balance out the intensity.

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