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Wash this wool shirt once every 100 days

Wool&Prince claim their wool dress shirt only needs to be washed once every 100 days.
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Ryan Porter, April 30, 2013 4:40:23 PM

An upstart fashion label has raised six figures betting on just how far men will go to avoid doing laundry. They have created a wool button-up they claim can be worn for 100 days without being washed.

The fledgling Brooklyn(of course)-based business started a campaign on the fundraising website in the hopes of raising $30,000 to produce the first 300 shirts. So far they’ve raised $150,104 from the laundry-phobes of the world. The shirt will retail for $98.

Perhaps those who donated were convinced by the “100 Day Challenge.” One of Wool&Prince’s “testers” photographed himself wearing the shirt for 100 days without hitting the wash. Noting he wore it “with and without an undershirt,” photos show him wearing it at the beach, the bar, bowling, snowboarding… and 95 other scenarios. This photo of him on the beach holding a slimy tube of some sort feels particularly evocative of the sorts of smells he may have encountered along the way.

Photo: Wool&Prince

The secret, Wool&Prince claims, is their “patented Cotton-Soft™ wool fabric.” Wool, we learn on the page, apparently lasts six times longer than cotton and is naturally resistant to wrinkling and odours.

Much like the philosophy pitched by those no-deodorant people, Wool&Prince note on their Kickstarter page that sweat itself doesn’t smell — the odour comes from the sweat staying on the skin. Well, wool to the rescue! Apparently it is better at absorbing sweat than cotton.

Despite how horrifying this idea is, it’s also complete genius. The fashion industry already sold some people on not washing jeans, and every now and then you hear a pitch for not washing your hair. Why not shirts? And of course they started their pitch with men. Sure, wear that wool shirt snowboarding and then on a date without washing it. No one will mind that!

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