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Would this make you quit applying makeup while driving?

A Mexican Volkswagon MINI ad tries (and fails) to warn against dangers of applying makeup while driving.
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Ryan Porter, May 22, 2013 12:25:49 PM

Yes, the vanity mirror is the perfect size and angle for makeup application, but Volkswagon would like to gently remind you to save your touch-ups for when you actually aren’t operating a motor vehicle. The German company has taken out an ad in Mexico on the dangers of primping and driving, and it might leave you feeling like your car is actually a safer place to do your face than the restroom.

The Mexican Volkswagon Mini ad (via The Gloss) shows hidden camera footage of women applying makeup in what appears to be some sort of public washroom. In a scare tactic of lipstick-smudging proportion, they are shocked as an airbag detonates from the soap dispenser while they’re applying their makeup.

The moral of the story is printed on each bag: “there’s a place for everything—don’t apply makeup and drive.” The detonations provoke lots of screaming and laughing, but whether the women are sufficiently traumatized to not apply makeup while driving remains unclear.

The whole thing feels more like an elaborate prank—like Volkswagon Presents Just For Laughs rather than a PSA. But while I think we can all agree that applying lipstick behind the wheel is as irresponsible as texting, the unintentionally hilarious punchline in the ad is that 22% of car accidents in Mexico are caused by women.

Or, in normal words, a full 78% of car accidents are caused by men, many of whom presumably can’t blame it on their makeup. So I guess the takeaway is that, in Mexico, one should be wary of male drivers and terrified of public soap dispensers.

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